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George Lundgren

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This article is about George Lundgren. You may be looking for George, Arthur's cousin.
George Lundgren
George s6.png
Age 8[1]

Gender Male
Animal Moose[2]

Eye color Blue[3]

Complexion Brown
Favorite color Fuzzy wuzzy brown[1]
Residence George's House, Elwood City
Family Neal Lundgren (father)
Mrs. Lundgren (mother)
George's sister
George's grandmother
George's grandfather
George's Cousin
George's Uncle

Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Voiced by Mitchell Rothpan (s1 - s7, APC, AIORnR)
Evan Smirnow (s8)
Eleanor Noble (s9 - s11; s14 - present)
Samantha Reynolds (s12 - s13)

George Lundgren[5][6] (formerly George Nordgren)[7] is a 3rd grader who attends Lakewood Elementary School, in Mr. Ratburn's class. He daydreams frequently, and is a skilled carpenter and ventriloquist. His family is Swedish,[8] but has been seen wearing a shirt saying "I Love Norway", in "The Long Road Home"[9] (although he may simply be of Swedish-Norwegian descent). In "Ladonna's Like List", it was said that he was from Norway. He has a ventriloquist dummy; a wooden giraffe named Wally.

He is very often shown as isolated from the other children. This is possibly because of his nosebleeds[10] (which occur on a regular basis), or it may be that he is simply a quiet person, or both. However, in the later seasons, like most of the other children, he has effectively socialized into the group. Also, his nosebleeds have only happened in one episode.

Though in earlier seasons George is shown as a background character with very few talking roles, starting in season 9, he made a transition into a main character, appearing in a good portion of episodes. It is unknown why this sudden change happened.

In the episode, "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds," George is revealed to have dyslexia.

In Arthur's Perfect Christmas, George does celebrate Christmas, but he celebrates it in a different way than the other kids in Elwood City, since his mom is from Sweden. On Christmas, according to Norwegian tradition, they would dance and parade in traditional clothes and eat traditional Christmas food.

He has a friend named Carl. George also has a sister who only appeared in earlier episodes, also as a background character.


George is an anthropomorphic moose whose most distinctive trait is his antlers. As a result of his horns, he was often given nicknames such as "Big Horns" in the episode "Big Horns George", and "Head Gear" in the episode "Nicked by Name". However, his antlers also give him some disadvantages as his horns accidentally knock coats off their racks by accident and getting his head stuck in his locker. George is depicted as wearing an orange shirt, cream colored khakis, and green and white sneakers. In a promotional illustration on the show's official website, he was depicted wearing a beige shirt, blue shorts, and red and white sneakers. During the winter time, George can be seen wearing a green jacket with a red hat with flaps. In the summer time George wears a green shirt, short khakis, and green and white sneakers.


Since his first appearance in "Arthur's Eyes", George was depicted as a background character, and was not made into a major character until "Arthur's Dummy Disaster" much later. This could be as a result of how quiet he is at school, and the fact that he is also rather shy. Despite his timidness, George is shown to be a very kind character as he is willing to help his friends even if it means sacrificing his own needs. However, his quiet attitude is often misinterpreted by the other characters, and as a result he is often forgotten and left out of many of their events. It is the result of being isolated from the other characters that cause George to play mostly with his dummy Wally. George is shown to treat Wally very much like a real person (even though he is well aware he isn't real), and often discusses his problems at school with him as he rarely gets the chance to speak with his classmates. George is defender for the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team. He has been given several nicknames: Hammer (by Binky in "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds"), Big Horns (by Koko Taylor in "Big Horns George"), and Headgear (by Brain in "Nicked by a Name").


Although George might be isolated at times, he's proven to care for others even if they might occasionally be mean to him which makes him very likable amongst Arthur and his group of friends for being so kind and forgiving. George's best friend is Carl.

  • Carl: When Carl Met George was the first time Carl and George met. Carl is also one of the rare people George doesn't use Wally to talk to because he tried showing Wally to Carl one time and it frightened Carl.
  • Fern: Fern seems to be very close to George. She and George are usually seen together acting out a detective scenario where George is her assistant, similar to Sherlock and Watson. In The Case of the Girl with the Long Face, he becomes very concerned for her and thinks she is depressed when she suddenly stops their game and seems unlike herself.
  • The Brain: In the episode Do You Speak George? when everyone was speaking their own languages, The Brain and George decide to work together to make their own unique language. They ended up not agreeing on how their language should be. The Brain also helps George have a better understanding on Carl's Asperger's Syndrome in When Carl Met George.
  • Buster Baxter: George and Buster are great pals. George admires Buster enough to write a paper about how & why he's so admirable. Buster is known to stand up for George's well-being occasionally like when Francine knocked George's dominos down and Buster confronted her and explained she should apologize.
  • Arthur Read: George describes one of his best days ever as when Arthur talked to him and helped him after Wally fell apart. There's times when they hang out and when they were playing cards at George's house as Binky came over, Arthur told Binky "George isn't home right now." Knowing poor George is scared of Binky.
  • Jenna Morgan: George and Jenna are classmates at Lakewood Elementary. After learning that she had claimed to have a crush on him in Jenna's Bedtime Blues, he approached her displaying an apparent interest of his own. They have also appeared together on numerus occasions.


Future life

If the intro to the episode, "The Election" is truly in the future, he will either be future President, Muffy's running mate, or a member of her party.


How is it possible to know so much about someone, but not really know them?

Arthur Read, "Arthur's Dummy Disaster"


  • George has been watching The Love Ducks every day for a year, even before Arthur and his friends did.[11]
  • He is seen playing a guitar in "Big Horns George" and "The Pride of Lakewood"; although, George also plays the guitar called "Bonnie" in "Looking for Bonnie", but in his dreams.
  • "Vomitrocious!" is the only episode that George spoke in that Wally did not appear.
  • George wins many talent competitions by jumping on a pogo stick.
  • George constantly wins contests that Elwood City kids enter.
  • Despite being bullied by Binky, George is at times seen with him and even going to the Ferris wheel together once.
  • For the assignment in "Desert Island Dish", George brought a pumpkin. It may be a food that he enjoys.
  • During early production, he was known only as "Moose".[12]
  • George's last name was "Nordgren" before season 11.
  • He has dyslexia so people try to offend him by using this weakness. Molly MacDonald used this in The Last Tough Customer.
  • He has Scandinavian ancestry.
  • According to an interview with the podcast Elwood City Limits, Rich Morris, former character designer, states that Marc Brown was originally not a fan of George. Morris says that George was just called the Moose Kid. George was almost a cut character, but the animators liked him and included him gradually through the first few seasons of the show.
  • George is one of the characters most likely to refer to, or be referred to by his species (e.g. “Moose aren’t funny”, “You look like a coat rack, Moose Boy”). He also does things with his antlers, that no human could do, e.g. hanging Christmas tree ornaments on them or getting stuck in a locker .
  • George nearly always refers to his antlers as "horns". The difference is that antlers (e.g. moose, deer) are made of bone and are shed and regrown every year, while horns (e.g. cows, goats, antelopes) are permanent keratin structures on bone sockets. In real moose only adult males have antlers. On the show, all the Lundgrens have them.


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