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Harley Simmons

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Harley Simmons

3rd Grade Male Rabbit 1.JPG

3rd Grade Male Rabbit s16.png

Grade 3rd
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit

Complexion Cream (s1-15)

Orange (s16-present)

Cartoon debut Arthur's Eyes

Harley Simmons is in third grader who made his first appearance in the episode "Arthur's Eyes".

He spoke once, which happened at the end of the episode "Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble", when he remarked to one of his classmates that he felt bad for the kids in Mr. Ratburn's class.

He is seen in the background in many episodes and seems to get along well with the other kids at school.

Physical appearance[edit]

Harley Simmons is a rabbit with a cream complexion. He wears a faded purple sweater with a collar, long black jeans with a belt, and red and white sneakers. In one episode he was seen with a magenta colored backpack.

He has some hair on his head and wore light blue swim trunks. In the episode, Bugged this character was seen wearing glasses.

It's unknown if he still wears them, but this is probably unlikely since this was seen in Brain's imagination, although he was seen wearing them again in the episode Sue Ellen's Little Sister.


season 20


  • This character has been seen wearing glasses in some episodes. It's not known why he usually doesn't wear them or the history behind them.
  • He is in Miss Sweetwater's class.
  • He plays the tambourine in the Lakewood Elementary Band.
  • Without glasses, he looks a lot like Buster.


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