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Muffy's New Best Friend

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"Muffy's New Best Friend"
Muffy's New Best Friend.JPG
Muffy's New Best Friend Title Card.png
Season/Series: 4
Number in season: 2B
Original Airdate: United States October 5, 1999[1]
Canada January 18, 2000[2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Stéphanie Gignac
"Hide and Snake"
"Buster's Breathless"
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"Muffy's New Best Friend" is the second half of the second episode in the fourth season of Arthur.


Muffy realizes that she and Francine don't share all the same interests and starts interviewing candidates for the position of new best friend.


Muffy and Francine are best friends, but Muffy doesn't like practicing soccer so when Francine wins her invitation to soccer camp Muffy leaves the soccer field early to prepare a party for Francine to which Francine never comes to because she met Jenna at the soccer field and went to her house instead to watch a video.

When Muffy tries to call Francine's house Francine's sister Catherine is on the phone and ignores the beeps because she hates call waiting. The next day, Francine apologizes to Muffy for not coming to her party.

Since Francine and Jenna like soccer, Muffy decided to search for a new best friend who likes what she likes. She tries out Brain, but he doesn't pass her test. She then tries Sue Ellen, but this doesn't work because Sue Ellen likes tae kwon do.

Then Muffy tries Fern, but it doesn't work with Fern either because Fern feels that shopping is a waste of time better spent reading poetry. Then Muffy tries Prunella, but finds her to be boring and then she tries Buster who passes her test and the friendship almost works except that Buster doesn't like shopping for clothes, but toys.

Muffy then tries D.W. which seems to work because D.W. likes spending money, but she has to take naps. Finally Muffy tries Binky which works perfectly. They go to an amusement park together and then they go to the movies.

Binky asks Muffy if she wants to see either 5000 Explosions and a Supernova or Slobbering Idiots. But Muffy decides that they should see a movie called Kickball Kids which is about soccer kids.

After the movie, Binky and Muffy go to the soccer field to play some soccer, but realize that they're the only ones there until they see Jenna and ask her to play. Muffy asks Jenna where Francine is and Jenna says that Francine went shopping at the mall to which Muffy tells Binky and Jenna to start the game without her and she rushes off to the mall.

At the mall, Muffy reunites with Francine and Francine tells her that it's okay if she doesn't like to play soccer and Muffy tells Francine that she doesn't have to shop with her and they decide to go celebrate by going to Muffy's house and swimming in her pool.

Back at the soccer field, Binky tells Jenna that she's pretty cool to hang out with and she tells him that he's pretty cool too and asks him if he wants to see Slobbering Idiots to which he replies "Who Wouldn't?"







  • Moral:
    • Dont leave someones party just to go to someone elses house to watch a boring video for your own benefits.
    • Dont steal someones best friend for your own benefits.
  • When Pickles the clown comes with the entertainment for the party a dog comes with them to which Pickles is allergic to dogs but doesn't sneeze when this dog comes in.
  • QVC is an actual television network dedicated to shopping.
  • Brain's failure to win Muffy's friendship appears to be his first failure in his memory. "So this is what failing feels like? Fascinating!"
  • Bailey is seen, although he is a darker color. This may be because he is another butler, though. 
  • Jaws 12 was seen at the movie theater, along with Bionic Bunny: The Movie.


  • Muffy crosses Fern's name out on the clipboard with three lines, but in the next scene it is just a regular cross.


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