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Brian (4th grader)

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While the name is technically official, a future episode can give the character a new name, which will then become the official name.

This article is about Brian. You may be looking for Brain.
Brian (4th grader)


Brian Season18.png
Brian's appearance in the re-animated theme song

Brian s18.png
Brian in the main TV series

Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Dog

Complexion Pale yellow (s1-s15)
Dark yellow (theme tune)
Orange (s18-present)

Book debut Arthur's Tooth
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

Brian[1][2] is a fourth grader who attends Lakewood Elementary School.


His personality is not known, but he is shown to be friendly to the other kids at school including the younger kids. He often hangs out with Otis.

Physical appearance[edit]

Brian is a dog with a cream complexion. He regularly wears a white shirt with long sleeves, long green jeans, and blue and white sneakers.

In the episodes "D.W. All Wet" and "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap" he wore green swimming trunks. In the summer he wears a white shirt and green shorts. He also wears a green jacket for the Fall and Winter.


  • He is seen on the intro for the show along with Otis, Alex, Luke, and all the main characters. This hints that he along with Alex, Otis, and Luke were supposed to be involved with the series early on, but for some reason never happened.
  • This character was one of few characters with dots for eyes. This is no longer the case in season 18, however.
  • This character has never been heard speaking, although in the background of some episodes he was seen speaking to other characters.



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