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ProdName.png The name of this article was obtained from production material.

While the name is technically official, a future episode can give the character a new name, which will then become the official name.

Gender Male
Animal Rabbit

Complexion White

Family Father
Lisa (sister)
Lisa's unknown relative (unknown family relationship)

Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

John[1] is a fourth grader who attends Lakewood Elementary School.

John was in the same kindergarten class as Prunella and Brain.[2] Sometimes he is substituted for Steve. While he is not related to Steve or Steve's sister Maria, he is most likely friends with both of them.

Physical appearance[edit]

John is a rabbit with a white complexion. He wears a tan collar shirt with long sleeves, dark cream colored khakis, has on red suspenders, and cream colored shoes.

John also wears glasses shaped like half-circles. He has a blue backpack. In The Blizzard, his winter attire consists of a chestnut brown coat and a blue scarf. As a kindergartner, he wore a dark blue sweater, long gray jeans, and dark blue shoes. He also used to have longer hair as a kindergartner.





  • Sometimes this character replaces Unknown Male Rabbit in some episodes like Cents-Less where he was seen in one scene and then the scene changed completely with a new character. He also replaces Steve at times in some episodes as in earlier episodes he was seen talking with Maria.
  • John's name has appeared on lists a couple more times in some episodes.
  • His name can be seen on the clipboard when George is asking for sponsors in The Long Road Home.


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