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Buster's New Friend (episode)

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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book.
"Buster's New Friend"
Buster's New Friend Title Card.png
Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 13B
Original Airdate: United States October 23, 1996[1]
Germany December 28, 2001[2]
Written by: Matt Steinglass
Storyboard by: Jean Lajeunesse
"So Long, Spanky"
"Arthur the Wrecker"
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Its okay!

Arthur Read

"Buster's New Friend" is the second half of the thirteenth episode in the first season of Arthur. It was later adapted into the book Buster's New Friend.


Arthur is lonely when Buster starts spending time with a new super-cool friend named Mike.


Arthur was explaining stuff in his room that brings back good memories, such as a red softball from when Arthur and Buster got chased by a house painter for accidentally throwing the ball into his paint can and getting paint all over the painter, a Bionic Bunny poster that Arthur and Buster got autographed by the real Bionic Bunny himself from the ice show in person, and the magnet that was from the time when Arthur and Buster almost stopped being friends forever.

Arthur used a magnet while watching Bionic Bunny which is fixing to come on. D.W. comes in and asks Arthur what the magnet is for and Arthur tells her it's for the science project that he's doing with Buster and that Buster is coming over to watch Bionic Bunny with him and then they will work on the project together. D.W. points out that Bionic Bunny is starting and Arthur says that Buster will be there because he always makes it in time. D.W. also points out that maybe Buster doesn't like Bionic Bunny anymore to which Buster is late Arthur had to talk to him. The episode of Bionic Bunny finally ends and Buster doesn't show up to which Arthur thought when D.W. points out to Arthur and Arthur believes that sometimes has gone wrong and he goes to the phone to call Buster's Mom at work who tells Arthur that Buster has gone miniature golfing with his new friend Mike.






  • The Hebrew dub uses the Arthur Underwater title card.
  • This is the first and only major appearance of Mike.
  • Although the title is not read on BBC Kid's The Spot, Binky says the title when it aired on PBS Kids.
  • You can see Arthur typing the Baxters' phone number. It is 555–1212.
  • Moral:
    • Dont hang out with someone else without telling your best friend for your own benefits.
    • People can have more then one best friend.


  • When Francine said "Tell me about it." in the cafeteria, Jenna's face is darker than normal.

Episode connections[edit]

  • The Big Brother/Big Sister program is similar to the Big Buddy program offered by Lakewood Elementary. That program was prominently shown in "Arthur's First Day".

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