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4th Grade Male Rabbit

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"4th Grade Male Rabbit" is not an official name.
4th Grade Male Rabbit
4th Grade Male Rabbit.JPG
Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit

Complexion Gray (early seasons)
Light brown (recently)

Cartoon debut D.W. All Wet

4th Grade Male Rabbit is an unnamed fourth grader at Lakewood Elementary School.

He spoke once, during the episode Arthur Goes to Camp. Ever since that episode he has never been involved with any other episodes and was relegated to a background character.

He is a member of the Tough Customers and has been seen sitting with them at the cafeteria but any further involvement is not known.

His appearances in the show have significantly dwindled down, although he was recently seen in the episode Fifteen.

Physical appearance[edit]

4th Grade Male Rabbit is a tall rabbit with a gray complexion. He wears a purple shirt, brown khakis with a brown belt, and red and white sneakers. In the episode Arthur Goes to Camp he wore a black shirt with an "H" and was at the rival camp, Camp Horsewater.



  • Muffy incorrectly referred to him and other characters as 5th Graders when they are in fact 4th Graders.
  • He has the same voice as Rattles.
  • This character is only seen a few times with the Tough Customers, usually at lunch. Anywhere else he isn't seen with them.
  • While he is friends with all the other Tough Customers, he is with Fletcher more often.


Alternate apparel[edit]