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Elwood City Turns 100!

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"Elwood City Turns 100!"

S07E05 Main Image.jpg

S07E05 Title Card.jpg

Season/Series: 7
Number in season: 5
Original Airdate: United States October 14, 2002[1]
Canada January 20, 2003[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Matthew Lane
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
Robert Yap
"Waiting to Go"
"Pick a Car, Any Car"
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"Elwood City Turns 100!" is the fifth episode in the seventh season of Arthur. It is a two-part episode. It is also the 100th episode of the series overall as well as the first 22-minute special.


The musical Mr. Ratburn’s class is staging for Elwood City's centennial turns into a drama of missed cues, inflated egos, and alien invasions — and all of that is going on behind the scenes.


The episode begins in 1903, at the ceremony where Elwood is made an official city. President Theodore Roosevelt, businessmen J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford, and town founder Jacob Katzenellenbogen, a wealthy lumber magnate, were all in attendance. Katzenellenbogen was not happy because he wanted the town to be named Elmwood, not Elwood, and he was even more displeased over the hideous statue of him that Morgan and Ford had donated to the city.

Then the episode moves into present where Mr. Ratburn announces to the class that Lakewood Elementary was chosen out of fifteen schools in the city to stage a musical production about the town's history, and then he has the class randomly pick roles for the show. Arthur is the narrator, Brain is the writer, and Buster is the director. After the parts were picked, Muffy talked to Mr. Ratburn about doing the publicity for the musical. However, chaos starts after Francine sings the narrator part, forcing Arthur to call her a show off. Matters then become worse after Muffy invited celebrities such as Michelle Kwan, Yo-Yo Ma, and Mr. Rogers. Then Mr. Ratburn asks Muffy if they would want to see this chaos. So Muffy gathers a speech about helping out.

Arthur was having trouble getting the narrator's singing part right, so he trades parts with Francine one week before the show. On opening night, everyone was there except for Francine, who was running late, so Arthur is forced to go onstage in her place as the Narrator. At first, everything was going okay until the UFO scene. Since the flying saucer that was going to be used was crushed in Mr. Frensky's garbage truck, Buster locked himself in the janitor's closet, upset, disappointed and tearful. Then Brain changes the scene last minute to write the flying saucer out of the show. When Buster realized that the show continued without him, he goes onstage as Dr. Ector, the alien, and sings a song about flossing teeth to the tune of Yankee Doodle. His hook tears a hole in the set, forcing an intermission. When everyone realizes that the show is ruined, Francine appears. She encourages her classmates by letting them know their audience loves the show, and the show ends well for everyone.

When the Reads are driving home, D.W. say that Arthur should play the alien. Arthur says that they won't do another centennial play for 100 years.







  • This was the first episode that didn't show the "And now back to Arthur." title card with the kids saying it. Instead, Larry King said "Thanks for tuning in, folks. And now back to Arthur."
  • Running Gag: Mr. Ratburn saying "Curtain!"
  • In the beginning, Buster's excited comment "We won! We won!" could be referring to the line "Yee-hey, woo! We wiiiiin!" in the often-used "cheering" sound effect, which was in fact played a few seconds before he spoke.
  • Ducks appear in this episode three times, meaning that it's possible that in Arthur's universe, ducks are a descendant of grebes, which are said to be extinct in this episode.
  • This episode takes place in the year 2003. This is true because the 100th anniversary was celebrated in this episode, and Elwood City was founded in 1903. 100 years after 1903 is 2003, making that the year this episode takes place.

Episode connections[edit]


  • The man giving Francine and her father a ride to the play appears in the audience even before they arrive.
    • Also, in the audience, Mr. Frensky can be seen in the crowd at the beginning of the musical before they arrived.
  • Arthur was wearing a pink sweater for a couple of seconds.

Production notes[edit]

  • This is the first Half hour episode.
  • Counting both halves of an episode as a single episode, this is the 100th episode.
  • Marc Brown made a cameo in this episode. He was not only on the guest list, he was seen in the row with the other celebrities while Arthur narrated after Fern's song. Jeremy O'Neill was also on the guest list.

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