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Castles in the Sky

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"Castles in the Sky"

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Season/Series: 9
Number in season: 1a
Original Airdate: United States December 27, 2004[1]
United Kingdom April 8, 2005[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Tipping the Scales"
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"Castles in the Sky" is the first half of the first episode in the ninth season of Arthur.


The gang's treehouse collapses, and architect Frank Gehry steps in to help them rebuild—if they can agree on a new design.


One day, during a snow-sledding race between Arthur and Buster, the tree house has been destroyed by snow. Later at the Sugar Bowl, Arthur and his friends are worried. Then a man named Frank shows up and offers to help the gang. Arthur and his friends come up with lots of different designs for their tree house, but Frank doesn't approve of them. Then they discover they like the original design better. So they started rebuilding their tree house. As Frank leaves, he gave them a picture of one of his building designs. That was before they discovered it was Frank Gehry.






  • D.W. is only seen as a baby instead of her 4 year old self.
  • Special guest star Frank Gehry plays as himself.

Episode connections[edit]

  • Buster references his first dinner with Harry from "Bitzi's Beau."
  • The name Frances appears in this episode. It's unclear who Frances is, but his name would be joined by a list of ten other unidentified students' names in the Season 13 episode, "Arthur's Number Nightmare."

Cultural references[edit]


  • When Francine is drawing the new treehouse on the stump, she mentions that Sue Ellen wants a pagoda; but in the Sugar Bowl when Francine shows the design to Frank, Sue Ellen has an art studio.
    • It is possible that Sue Ellen might have changed her mind or that Francine simply made a blunder while pitching her treehouse idea.

Production Notes[edit]


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