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Gender Male
Animal Rabbit

Residence Maria's house, Elwood City
Family Mrs. Pappas (mother)
Maria Pappas (sister)

Book debut Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

Steve Pappas[1][2] is a fourth grader who attends Lakewood Elementary School.


His name was also revealed in the same episode when Buster told him and Billy that he can't play until he finished his homework, which was so surprising and if not shocking to the two fourth graders that they subsequently fainted.

He spoke during the first few minutes of the episode "Love Notes for Muffy." He would speak again during the episode "Brain's Biggest Blunder". In the episode his team, who is known as "Steve's Square Roots" played against Brain's team and subsequently lost.


He also has a younger sister named Maria who is always seen in Mr. Ratburn's third grade class along with most of the main characters of the show. Even though they are related, Steve and Maria are rarely seen together.

Physical appearance[edit]

Steve is a rabbit with a gray complexion. He wears beige khakis, an orange shirt with a white collar, and blue and white sneakers. He also oval lensed glasses. In a number of episodes Steve's hair is seen spiked up as seen in the episode Bugged. He also has fur.

He was seen wearing red swim trunks in the episode "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap" and he also wears a green backpack. He is also seen wearing short beige khakis during the Summer.


"Uh, 31?"
– Steve, "Brain's Biggest Blunder"


  • Steve resembles Unknown Male Rabbit, but they are not the same character. Coincidentally Steve's younger sister Maria resembles Unknown Male Rabbit's sister Maria lookalike.
  • Steve is probably in the same class as Prunella.
  • Steve is friends with Buster and Billy as seen in the episode Buster Makes the Grade.
  • Steve's name appeared on a list of names in the episode "Arthur's Number Nightmare."
  • Steve was seen in Mr. Ratburn's class once. He probably replaced Alex temporarily in that episode.



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