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3rd Grade Female Aardvark

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"3rd Grade Female Aardvark" is not an official name.
This article is about the student in Miss Sweetwater's class. You may be looking for a similar-looking character.
3rd Grade Female Aardvark has a gallery at the Elwood City Art Museum.
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3rd Grade Female Aardvark
3rd Grade Female Aardvark 1.JPG
Grade 3rd
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brown
Complexion Brown (s1-s5)
Beige (s6-present)
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

3rd Grade Female Aardvark is a 3rd grade student in Miss Sweetwater's class at Lakewood Elementary School.

In "Little Miss Meanie", her name is revealed to either be Philomena Peckensniff or Griselda Dorffman.

Physical appearance[edit]

As she appeared in season 3

The 3rd Grade Female Aardvark is an aardvark with a brown complexion. She wears a solid red short-sleeved turtleneck, long grayish-black pants, long pink socks, and red and white colored sneakers. She has long dark brown hair worn in pigtails.

She wore a red maillot in the episode "D.W. Swims with the Fishes". During the summertime she sometimes wears black shorts, but still wears the same shirt and sneakers. In the episode "The Pride of Lakewood" she even wore the new sports uniform the school received.

In "Buster's Secret Admirer" she wore a blue shirt, pink shorts, and pink sneakers. She was also had a cream complexion only in this episode.


Her personality is not known, but looking at the episodes she has appeared in she is friendly to the other characters seen chatting with her in the background along with most of the other background characters. She has also made some appearances outside of school, including the Little Miss Crocus pageant.

She has been seen reading Henry Skreever books and wearing Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club T-shirts, which suggests she may be a fan of both series. She also has been seen participating in sports, including swimming and the Lakewood track team.



  • This character spoke in the episodes "Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble", "Arthur's Dummy Disaster", and "The Hallway Minotaur".
  • She may also have a younger sister at the Elwood City Preschool named Amanda. If this is true, then her mother is also Mrs. Hulser.
  • She cannot be Unknown Female Aardvark (Number 7) as the normal design of this character was seen in the same episode.
  • She entered the "Little Miss Crocus" beauty pageant in the episode "Little Miss Meanie".
  • She has some sort of food allergy or restrictions because she was seen sitting at the special foods table.


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