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Mr. Powers

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"Mr. Powers" is not an official name.
Mr. Powers
Brain dad.jpg
Gender Male
Animal Bear

Complexion Brown

Family Mrs. Powers (wife)
Alan Powers (son)
Keith Powers (brother)
Alan (father or father-in-law)
Brain's grandmother (mother or mother-in-law)
Brain's cousin (niece/nephew)

Cartoon debut "Arthur's Spelling Trubble"

Mr. Powers is the father of Alan "The Brain" Powers, and is the husband of Mrs. Powers.

Physical appearance[edit]

Mr. Powers is a bear with a brown complexion who wears a green shirt, blue jeans, glasses, and red and white sneakers.


Mr. Powers, while being fairly smart, is like his wife in the fact that he sometimes can't understand his son. Though he still has a loving relationship with Alan.