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Gender Male
Animal Dog (mixed-breed;[1] English Setter on father's side[2])

Complexion Tanned yellow
Favorite color Salmon[3]
Residence Reads' House, Elwood City
Family Arthur Read (owner)
Perky (mother)
Pal's siblings
Pal's father
Sal (cousin)
Cal (cousin)
Val (cousin)
Dr. Yowl (cousin)
Al (uncle)

Book debut Arthur's Pet Business
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Pet Business"

Pal (sometimes known as Pal Read[4][5]) is Arthur Read's pet dog.


In "Arthur's Pet Business", Arthur watches many animals including Mrs. Wood's dog, Perky. Mrs. Wood had a list that he needed to abide by for Perky to be happy, such as brushing her 100 times. When Mrs. Wood was about to pick up Perky Arthur believed that he had lost her, but she was actually giving birth to a litter of puppies behind one of the Reads' chairs. Mrs. Wood lets Arthur pick Pal out of the litter because he was a good petsitter.

Physical appearance[edit]

Pal is a small golden-haired dog with smooth fur. When he was first born, he had fuzzy fur. He wears a red collar with a silver pendant attached to it. In the TV series and CGI movie, his eyes are black; although in the books and in many detailed illustrations, they're normally white with a black dot in each one, but he is occasionally seen with black eyes.


"People are the most illogical, strange and frustrating creatures on the planet. Still, they do know how to make a top-notch ham-bone. "
– Pal, "Baby Steps"

In some episodes, it's shown that Pal can communicate with other animals and human babies. In these episodes, he speaks with a high-brow British accent and acts sophisticated. He likes to sleep under the couch, but he usually loves to sleep on Arthur's bed with him and comforts him by licking him after he has a nightmare. He dislikes being alone in places.

When he was a couple of weeks old, he was easily excited and not housetrained. He bit his leash and popped the tire of Francine's bike with his teeth. Because of doing these things Arthur's parents gave him the options that Pal will either stay in the garage or be sent away until he was housetrained, both of which were to Arthur's objections. However, Arthur spent a lot of time training him and he has since then learned to become a fairly-intelligent dog. He only knows basic tricks, such as sit, and Arthur failed to teach him more complex orders.


Pal generally gets along well with others and always wags his tail, with the exception of pet cats, as he has ailurophobia (fear of cats).


  • Arthur Read: He is Pal's main owner in the family whom he is always tended by. Arthur loves his dog Pal, and always takes good care of him. At night, he enjoys sleeping on Arthur's bed with him. Arthur usually makes it a point to say positive things about Pal, and refers to him as the "smartest dog on Earth" — even though Pal occasionally makes mistakes, such as turning off the computer when Arthur is doing his homework.
  • D.W. Read: She always refers to him as "Arthur's crazy dog". Even though Pal likes her, she sees it differently. Other times, she treats him nicely (such as in the opening theme, when she is shown petting him).
  • Kate Read: In "The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies" from Season 6 and many subsequent episodes, they are seen talking to each other and with other pets and babies, but the people older than Kate's age dismiss it as gibberish whenever they're around. The first episode that showed his first friendship with her was in "Arthur's Lost Dog", when he ran across Elwood City to get a balloon to cheer her up.
  • Amigo: He is the Molinas' dog, whom Pal became best friends with after the family moved into the neighborhood in Season 6. He often has adventures with him and Kate.
  • Brain: When he came over to stay at Arthur's house when his parents went to the Ice Creamer's Convention, he taught Pal some tricks, such as walking on his hind legs than on all fours. His friends once imagined him getting a puppy who looks like Pal, but with brown fur instead of golden.
  • Buster Baxter: Buster really loves Pal. When he comes over to Arthur's house, he seems to have fun with him too, such as petting and massaging him (although he once said Pal was lazy).
  • Francine Frensky: When she comes over to Arthur's house, he seems to get along with her sometimes, such as when he licks her face at Arthur's 8th birthday party during a Spin the Bottle game when the bottle points at him, and she smiles and pets him in return (as her way of thanking him). However, he dislikes her cat, Nemo, far more than her as of Season 6 (although they were shown to like each other once after Francine got Nemo in "Francine and the Feline"). She also once mentioned that she was sad that she didn't even get a puppy.
  • Killer: She is a stray lap dog that was found on Grandma Thora's front porch from the episode, "It Came From Beyond", which marked her first appearance. She bites Pal on the leg; however, Thora convinces her to be more friendly, and she and Pal are now friends.


  • Muffy Crosswire: She and Pal don't have much of a relationship with each other. When Pal is lost in Elwood City (which he had done in order to get a balloon so Kate would cheer up), she refers to him as a "rude little dog" every time he runs off whenever she and Francine wish he would thank them.


  • Nemo: He is Francine Frensky's cat. The two are bitter rivals and often compete with one another. However, in Nemo's first appearance, he and Pal appear to be good friends in "Francine and the Feline", given how much they enjoy playing together, and how sad Pal is when Arthur separates the two.



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