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Ed Crosswire

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Ed Crosswire
Gender Male
Animal Monkey

Hair color Orange
Complexion Yellow

Residence Crosswires' Mansion, Elwood City
Family *Edsel E. Crosswire (grandfather)
Job Car salesman, owner of Crosswire Motors
Book debut Arthur Goes to Camp
Cartoon debut "Arthur Goes to Camp"

Edward Edsel Crosswire,[1][2][3] called Ed[4], is a businessman who sells used cars for his used-car dealership Crosswire Motors and is also the coach of the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team since Muffy's Soccer Shocker. He is the father of both Muffy and Chip Crosswire and the husband of Millicent Crosswire. He is also Elwood City's wealthiest business man, whose catering gigs are highly lucrative. His grandfather, Edzel E. Crosswire was the founder of the Crosswire's automotive empire, and was mentioned in Arthur and the True Francine.


Ed is a monkey depicted with a pale complexion, short combed orange hair; and wears a suit consisting of a light pink shirt, pink necktie, a light blue blazer, bluish-green dress pants, a belt buckle, and brown shoes.

His original design was seen in a Crosswire family portrait inside of a tent at camp on a page in Arthur Goes to Camp, first published in 1982. In his original design he had clumps of hair and brown monkey fur, and wore glasses and a suit and tie. He was absent from the Arthur franchise for more than ten years, then was brought back in the television series for Season 1, completely redesigned and no longer wearing glasses. He is thought to be around forty to fifty years old, like most other parents in the series.


Ed is somewhat like his daughter, Muffy, in the way that he can be a snob at times. Ed also seems to spoil Muffy, as seen in "The Cherry Tree". He is, however, kind and a good parent as seen in "How the Cookie Crumbles". He had talked to Muffy about her situation where she wasn't giving her friends any credit and he had said: "A lie is a lie even when you get away with it." Muffy had then said "And being a car salesman, he won't stand for any lying!" which can be interpreted as her father being a fair man who doesn't scam people into buying his cars. He is known to sternly lecture Muffy. He purchased Castle Manor in The Fright Stuff, which is haunted. Even though Muffy was right about it being haunted, many of her friends and rivals were pranking each other, of which he did not approve. He also did not approve of her interrupting Ms. McWord. When made head coach of the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team, he stressed the importance of honest play and practice. He did not show favoritism to his daughter but did provide positive encouragement. Despite his high-class lifestyle, Ed showed good grace when staying in a shelter in "Shelter from the Storm".




  • Ed's credit card number is A03 7002 70123.[5]
  • In the Arthur Adventure series, Ed originally works at a bank instead of a car dealership.[6]
  • Ed's middle name, Edsel, is likely a reference to the car of the same name from the Ford Motor Company. This is presumably an inside joke, as the Edsel was the late 50s and early 60s car model, the name of which remains synonymous in popular culture with commercial failure. It might also be a reference to Henry Ford's son, who was named for the car.
  • Ed never went to college as noted in Prunella Packs It In, but he does have an honorary degree from Ivy university
  • He sold used skates as a kid.[7]
  • Ed was involved with Elwood City Public Library more than once. He (with Millicent) had "weird stories" such as The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club books banned. However, he saved the library in Sue Ellen & the Last Page.
  • His favorite opera is Carmen.
  • He is allergic to dogs. Despite this, he would have liked to have been a dog groomer if not for working in car sales.[8]
  • Ms. McWord noted that Ed never did read while he was in grade school. This indicates he probably might have been like Buster for a time when he was a student


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