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D.W.'s Blankie

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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the VHS or the DVD.
"D.W.'s Blankie"
Blankie painting.png
D.W.'s Blankie Title Card.png
Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 27A
Original Airdate: United States November 12, 1996[1]
Written by: Tom Hertz
Storyboard by: Stéphanie Gignac
"Poor Muffy"
"Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble"
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"D.W.'s Blankie" is the first half of the twenty-seventh episode in the first season of Arthur. It was later adapted into the book D.W.'s Lost Blankie.


D.W. can't find her blankie and enlists the help of Arthur to search for it, retracing her steps over Elwood City.


D.W. can't find her blankie, and asks Arthur to help her. At first Arthur refuses because he wants to go to Buster's Condo and watch the Renagain Joe movies, later D.W. thinks that Pal took her blankie, then Arthur tells her that Pal didn't do it, but when D.W. says that she will reveal to his friends that Arthur still sleeps with his teddy bear Stanley, Arthur agrees to help her.

D.W. first remembers that her Mom had to give some papers to Mrs. Tibble, and thinks the Tibble Twins stole her blankie while they were not looking.

Arthur and D.W. go to the Tibbles' house and Mrs. Tibble says that they are with Trixie. Mrs. Tibble unexpectedly makes plans for them to see each other when they return.

D.W. then believes that her blankie got lost at the dry cleaner's, because she got hypnotized by the washing machines. When they go to the dry cleaner's the worker there thinks it is funny, and also thinks that D.W. is cute.

After leaving the dry cleaners D.W. thinks that she may have lost her blankie at the library because it got caught in one of the books that D.W. and her mom were returning, and that D.W. didn't notice because she was waving goodbye to Ms. Turner the librarian.

When Arthur and D.W. go to the library Miss Turner checks all the books and doesn't find D.W.'s blankie, but tells D.W. to check the card catalogs to find books about blankies. Also at the library, Arthur spots Binky reading books, and doesn't want him to know that he's looking for D.W.'s Blankie.

When Binky sees Arthur, he does not want him to find out that he is reading. On the way out Arthur and Binky manage to avoid each other by not looking at each other.

D.W. then tells Arthur that she must have lost her blankie at the car wash, because while she and Mom were going through the car wash and D.W. got scared by the giant dry cleaning vacuum coming down. She also thinks that while D.W. had her eyes closed the vacuum sucked her blankie out the car window.

When Arthur and D.W. go to the car wash one of the workers says that the vacuum only sucks up water not blankies. But he offers D.W. his polishing cloth, which she turns down.

Finally, D.W. takes Arthur to the last place that she and Mom went; which was the Sugar Bowl. She believes that she left her blankie there after getting done eating ice cream. Arthur looks in the window and sees Francine, Muffy, Prunella, and Sue Ellen.

He does not want them to know he is looking for D.W.'s blankie, but goes in without a choice. When Francine sees Arthur she asks him to sit with them, but Arthur says no because he's just getting D.W. some ice cream.

He looks over, and D.W. is on the floor looking for her blankie. Arthur says that she is playing a make-believe game, and Prunella calls D.W. immature. When D.W. comes over and says they don't have what she was looking for Arthur tells the girls that she was talking about ice cream.

Francine asks what D.W.'s favorite flavor is Arthur says Chocolate-Vanilla Chip-Blankie. After Arthur and D.W. leave the Sugar Bowl, Arthur protests and says that he is going to Buster's. But he still takes D.W. with him. Buster tells Arthur that his mom returned the Renagain Joe movies to the movie rental store.

As Buster went on and on about how wonderful all the movies are, Arthur gave D.W. an angry look for making him miss the Renagain Joe movies. That night when Dad tucks D.W. into bed she asks him about her blankie. He says that they'll look for it in the morning and that D.W. should go to bed. When D.W. falls asleep she has a dream about her blankie.

Arthur hears her and rushes in to wake her up from the dream. When D.W. tells Arthur that she can't sleep without her blankie Arthur offers her Stanley but she does not accept it. Pal hands D.W. her real blankie, which at first she doesn't recognize because it was clean, so Arthur tells her that Mom washed it, but she then recognizes it and hugs it warmly, then apologizes to Pal for blaming him.

Arthur takes Pal and goes to his room to go to bed. When he tries to fall asleep he notices that Stanley isn't there. D.W. appears with Stanley which Arthur left in her room and she says to Arthur I'm sure you don't need him.

Arthur first gets angry then chases D.W. trying to get Stanley and screams: "BRING THAT BACK, D.W.! DAD! D.W. GIVE IT BACK TO ME! I'M TELLING DAD, D.W.! HEY, DAD! D.W. WON'T GIVE ME BACK STANLEY!"



  • This is the last time that a Bionic Bunny quote is used in the Super Sister title card.
  • Arthur's teddy bear's name is revealed to be Stanley.
  • At the end of the 2000 rerun intro on PBS Kids before this episode, Arthur’s crashing sound changes to the Season 5 version.
  • Karma: Arthur was rude to D.W., so she made him miss the movie.

Differences from the book[edit]

  • In the episode, Arthur was unwilling to help D.W. find her blankie because he wanted to go to a Renagain Joe movie marathon with Buster, until D.W. blackmailed him into it by threatening to tell his friends that he still sleeps with Stanley. In the book, there is no mention of the Renegade Joe movies and Arthur agrees to help D.W. right away when she asks him to.
  • Arthur and D.W. never look for blankie at the dry cleaning station like they do in the episode.

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