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Bionic Bunny

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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the fictional TV series.
Bionic Bunny
D.W the Copy Cat 93.png
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit

Favorite color Atomic tangerine[1]

Family Dark Bunny (twin brother)
Mrs. Bunny (mother)

Book debut Arthur's Eyes
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Voiced by Arthur Holden
Someone's in trouble! Never fear! Bionic Bunny is here!

—Bionic Bunny, "Bitzi's Beau"

Bionic Bunny is a superhero who is the main protagonist of the television show of the same name. He is portrayed by Wilbur Rabbit.


Bionic Bunny's origin story varies. In D.W. the Copycat, a Bionic Bunny Show episode claims he was "created by a combination of super science and radical animal husbandry to fight crime". The images suggest that Bionic Bunny is a cyborg who may have begun life as a nonanthropomorphic rabbit. An episode in Buster's Back shows his bionic parts being constructed and fitted into his body.

According to the Bionic Bunny Tenth Anniversary Special that is mentioned in Happy Anniversary, Bionic Bunny and Dark Bunny are twins who were separated at birth. Dark Bunny was taken by an evil witch, and Bionic Bunny was taken by a robot.

Bionic Bunny is highly allergic to sodium chloride (NaCl), or salt.[2] Bionic Bunny's real name is Sue.[3]

Physical appearance[edit]

Bionic Bunny is a tall, muscular rabbit with a white complexion. He wears a blue shirt with a "B" on the front of his chest, dark blue pants, blue underwear over his pants, a red cape, a red hat with an antenna, and white and blue sneakers. In the promotional illustration, he wore a dark blue suit with red underwear over his suit, red sneakers, a red cape, and a red hat with a yellow antenna.

His actor, Wilbur, wears round brown glasses like Arthur's and casual clothes, outside of acting.


"Sorry. If it doesn't involve flying, battling monsters, or lifting heavy objects, I'm kind of at a loss."
– Bionic Bunny, "Buster Gets Real"

"No way! Is Bionic Bunny a little bionic?"
Buster Baxter, "Buster's Amish Mismatch"


  • The character was popularized by the Arthur television series, but actually pre-dates it by roughly 17 years, having first appeared in the 1979 title by Marc Brown, Arthur's Eyes, which featured Bionic Bunny on Arthur's lunchbox.
  • In the 1985 Marc Brown title The Bionic Bunny Show, Bionic Bunny is apparently a live-action show.  This book and was featured in an installment of PBS's Reading Rainbow.
  • He is a parody of the DC Comics superhero, Superman. but is also a reference to The Bionic Man due to his name.[citation needed]
  • He is allergic to salt, which may be a reference to Superman's weakness to kryptonite.[2]
  • His origin has changed multiple times. In "D.W. the Copycat," he is said to be a robot, and in "That's a Baby Show!" he is said to be Dark Bunny's cousin.
  • "Long ears, strong heart" is Bionic Bunny's motto, as mentioned in the episode "The Last Day."



Bionic Bunny Flight.png
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