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Mrs. Wood

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Mrs. Wood
Mrs. Wood.png
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit

Hair color White

Book debut Arthur's Pet Business
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Voiced by Susan Glover[1]

Mrs. Wood is a character in Arthur. She is seen multiple times in the series, and owns a dog named Perky. She first speaks in "Arthur's Pet Business".

Possible family[edit]

In "D.W., the Picky Eater", Mrs. Wood is seen at Once Upon a Restaurant, sitting at the same table with a child that looks about the same age of D.W. clapping his hands in amazement when he sees a fire breathing dragon costume. An unnamed rabbit in a purple tuxedo is also shown. The rabbits resemble James MacDonald and Mr. MacDonald.

In "Arthur's Perfect Christmas", she is seen with Amanda Hulser, implying that Mrs. Wood may be related to her. However, Mrs. Wood is a rabbit while Amanda is an aardvark.

Mrs. Wood is also seen at Lucy's wedding in "D.W. Thinks Big", which could mean that she's somehow related to the Reads or to Lucy's husband.

She is also very similar to Mrs. Radley from "Based on a True Story".