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Whip. Mix. Blend.

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"Whip. Mix. Blend."



Season/Series: 18
Number in season: 6a
Original Airdate: United States September 7, 2015[1]
Canada July 18, 2015 (?)[4]
United Kingdom March 13, 2015[2]
Australia February 19, 2015[3]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Allan Jeffery
"Arthur Calls It"

"Whip. Mix. Blend." is the first half of the sixth episode in the eighteenth season of Arthur.


When Rattles' mom starts dating Archie Vanderloo, Rattles finds himself spending lots of time with Archie's kids. The problem is, Rattles doesn't have anything in common with these twins! Can this blended family learn to get along?[5]


The Tough Customers want Rattles to join them at a protest against the opening of a second Sticky Chicken restaurant, but Rattles can't, as he has to spend the day with the Vanderloos. They are family friends and although he likes them, Rattles is worried as he doesn't understand how to fit in with the Vanderloo twins. The male twin, Ansel, is extremely active and into all sorts of activities like mountain climbing, while the female twin, Angie, speaks in weird slang that Rattles cannot understand. His friends agree to help him and by the time of the trip, he feels reasonably comfortable that he can keep up, but worn out from everything that he has done to prepare. Thus, when his mother tells him she has something important to tell him before they go on the trip, he tells her to tell him later. When he and his Mom arrive at the Vanderloos, he is eager to get proposals moving and once again tells his Mom to leave her big news for later. He climbs a mountain with the twins, but strategies backfire when the slang dictionary his friends made him gets lost, along with the special trail mix designed to help him keep up. Despite this, he manages to get along, but is once again worn out at the end of the day. It's only then, as he is about to go to bed, that he finds out from the twins that they are going to be family - his mother is planning to marry Archie Vanderloo! He rushes to talk to her, and she explains that she had been trying to tell him, but he kept putting her off. Rattles isn't exactly upset the news, as he likes the Vanderloos, but he becomes worried that he will just never fit in. His mother tells him that he doesn't have to, and that it's best if he just stays himself. The next day, the Vanderloo twins join the Tough Customers in protesting the opening of the chicken restaurant.






  • This is the first appearance of Rattles's mother since "Thanks a Lot, Binky".
  • This is the first appearance of Grandpa Dave, though pictured, in flash animation (except from the theme tune).
  • Although Binky says "Tough Customers", in the closed captions he says "Tough Consumers".
  • Arthur only appears in the intro, but is absent from the entire episode.

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Production notes[edit]


  • At one point, when Rattles is running up the mountain, his shoes turn red.

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