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Ballerina (Muffy Goes Metropolitan)

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"Ballerina (Muffy Goes Metropolitan)" is not an official name.
Ballerina (Muffy Goes Metropolitan)
Gender Female
Animal Dog

Hair color Blonde
Complexion Cream

Job Ballerina

Cartoon debut "Muffy Goes Metropolitan"

A ballerina in Crown City got off the subway train and stretched her leg on a lamppost before her friend pulled her along. Carla commented that they looked like they were in a hurry.

Physical appearance[edit]

Ballerina is a dog with a cream complexion. She has yellow hair, which she ties into a bun with a green ribbon. She wears pink sunglasses, a dark green jacket (probably over a performance outfit), pink tights, light green socks and pink shoes. She also carries a pair of ballet shoes slung over her back.