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Alberto Molina

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Alberto Molina
Age 13[1][2]

Gender Male
Animal Cat
Birthday July 26[3]

Hair color Brown

Family Ramón Molina (father)
Mrs. Molina (mother)
Vicita Molina (sister)
Unnamed grandparents
Unnamed cousins

Cartoon debut "Arthur and Los Vecinos"
Voiced by Daniel DeSanto (s6-s12)
Johnny Griffin (s14)
Benjamen Israel (s14-present)

Alberto Molina is Vicita Molina's older brother and one of Arthur's new neighbors. He became a character on the episode Arthur and Los Vecinos, when his family moved to Elwood City following the departure of Mr. Sipple.

He practices kendo in his spare time, and enjoys reading El Conejo Bionico, the Spanish version of Bionic Bunny, of whom he is a big fan. In the episode To Tibble the Truth, Alberto's Bionic Bunny/El Conejo Bionico action figure got thrown out the window by the Tibbles and Alberto wanted them to start telling the truth to people. After Tommy and Timmy become too honest and hurt peoples' feelings, Alberto tells them to tell the truth, but be nice about it.

Alberto also owns a soccer ball, "El Boomerang", signed by his favorite Ecuadorian football (soccer) player, Juan Carlos Salamanca. The soccer ball, after becoming lost at the park and confused with Francine's soccer ball, travelled around the world in a series of events in Season 14, but was eventually returned to him in The Long Road Home after Arthur's pen pal Adil finds it and mails it to Arthur. Arthur was then invited to Alberto's birthday party, and decides to give the ball to Alberto then. After it becomes lost by coincidence again, within the same episode, George returns to Elwood City on his walk from Crown City, kicks it, and the ball is returned to Alberto as it lands directly in his hands.

Voice Actors[edit]

Multiple voice actors have been credited for doing Alberto's voice, Daniel DeSanto was the first actor to play Alberto. In "Follow the Bouncing Ball," Johnny Griffin was credited for his voice. Four episodes later, in "The Long Road Home," Benjamen Israel (correct spelling is Benjamin) is credited for Alberto and has played Alberto since (Benjamin's last recording date was in 2018).



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  1. "We also have a son: Alberto, but he's 13; a bit older than you, I think." Ramon Molina to Arthur Read, Arthur and Los Vecinos
  2. "I'm 13. You really think I want to play with a plastic cow?" - Alberto talking to the Tibbles, "To Tibble the Truth"
  3. In The Long Road Home, George was ticking off days until the walk from Crown City to Elwood City and Alberto's birthday was on the same day as George's walk. The big day (26th) was circled on his calendar. (See: File:Alberto's birthday proof.png)