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Bud Compson

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This article is about Bud Compson. You may be looking for Arthur's uncle, Bud.
Bud Compson
Bud Compson.png
Age 4
Grade Preschool
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit

Hair color Moderate orange
Complexion Light orange

Residence Compson family's house, Louisiana (formerly),
Compson family's house, Elwood City (former),
Family *Rufus Compson (father)

Cartoon debut "Based on a True Story"

Bud Tucker Compson[1] is Ladonna's younger brother.


Bud is a preschooler who moves to Elwood City from Louisiana with his family in "Based on a True Story." He is known to have good luck and frequently wins at games and other competitions, much to the dismay of D.W. Despite this rivalry, D.W. and Bud have good companionship with one another. During his time in Elwood City, he and D.W. become close friends and have many adventures together. It is very upsetting for them both when Bud must move away to Oregon in "When Duty Calls."

He can be rather clever and quick-witted, often times staying one step ahead of D.W., and he can usually outsmart the Tibbles (sometimes with his "power stare"). From time to time, he is intimidated by new things, but he usually will soon gain enough courage to face his fears. He has a toy dinosaur named Rapty, who he sees as an imaginary friend to help him through his problems.

Physical appearance

Bud is a rabbit with a light brown complexion. He wears a green shirt, blue vest, long blue jeans, and black boots. He has light brown hair. He wears his red hat so often that most people haven't seen him without it.[2]


He loves to play with his stuffed dinosaur, Rapty, who is also his imaginary friend. Bud is also a multi-talented preschooler as he can make animal sounds, make jokes, and is one of the few kids that can handle the Tibble Twins, much to D.W.'s delight. He dealt with the Tibbles by staring at them, which scared them off, but in the episode Read and Flumberghast Tommy Tibble is shown sidestepping this by putting on sunglasses. Bud explained to D.W. that he has had staring contests with his older brother and sisters ever since he was two, and has never lost. Despite being a shade of brown himself, he dislikes the color brown, preferring the color black. ("Bud's Knotty Problem")


"Admit it!"
– Bud Compson, Read and Flumberghast

"I will. By giving you the Bud Compson Power Stare."
– Bud Compson, Based on a True Story

"We just want to know what lawyers do."
– Bud Compson, Read and Flumberghast

"You can get my cupcake back from that snack robber Tommy Tibble."
– Bud Compson, Read and Flumberghast

"Not like a real pig."
– Bud Compson, Based on a True Story

"It may have been the best day of my entire life."
– Bud Compson, Read and Flumberghast



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  1. "My middle name is Tucker, but it should have been Danger." — Bud Compson, "D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose"