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The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur

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"The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur"

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The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur Title Card.png

Original Airdate: United States January 20, 2020
Canada March 23, 2020 (part 1)[1]
March 25, 2020 (part 2)[2]
Australia March 1, 2020 (part 1)
March 7, 2020 (part 2)
Written by: Peter Ferland
Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Greg Bailey
Gerry Capelle
Helene Cossette
Allan Jeffery
Glen Kennedy
Tapani Knuutila
Daniel Miodini
Jeremy O'Neill
Tony Tupilano
"Special: Arthur and the Haunted Tree House"

"The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur" is a one-hour TV special that debuted on January 20, 2020 on PBS.[3]


"Pack your bags, buckle your seatbelts, and get ready for an ARTHUR road trip to the family farm! Arthur's Great-Grand Uncle Theo is celebrating his 85th birthday, so the Reads (and Buster) are off to Ohio to join in the festivities. While D.W. and Arthur learn that farm life is a little different than life in Elwood City, Buster worries he may be getting in the way at this family reunion. With the help of Cousin Miles, some llamas, and a little bit of music, they all discover what it truly means to be family."[4]








  • This special reveals that D.W. was named after Theo's sister, whose full name was also "Dora Winifred Read" and who passed away before D.W. was born.
  • Baby Laurie could be named after Marc Brown's wife, Laurie Krasny Brown.
  • The line "Didn't it feel like third grade went on forever?" references the show's time loop and how the characters do not get older.
  • The line "Hey Lorraine, this cousin is on some show called Arthur!" is a reference to Arthur itself.
  • An online game based on the special, titled "Moonlight Mazes," was released on January 8, 2020.
  • According to the credits, this episode was produced in 2019.

Episode connections[edit]

Cultural references[edit]

  • During the "I'm Bored" song, signs for Highway 30 West and Highway 224 West are seen. These two routes meet near Van Wert, Ohio, which happens to be relatively close to Cridersville, Ohio. A sign for the Cridersville Fairgrounds is seen outside the medical clinic where Buster seeks treatment for his leg injury.


  • D.W.'s ear is incorrectly animated above her hat when she greets Minnie.
  • D.W. says that she does not know what a llama is, even though she acknowledges llamas on her birthday card in "D.W. and the Beastly Birthday."

Production notes[edit]

  • This is the first Arthur production where the series director, Greg Bailey, has helped storyboard an episode or special.







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