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Amanda Hulser

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Amanda Hulser


Amanda 9story.jpg

Grade Preschool
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brown
Complexion Brown
Beige (Season 16 onward)
Family Mrs. Hulser (mother)
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voiced by Amariah Faulkner (season 16)

Amanda Hulser[1] is a preschooler who attends school at the Elwood City Preschool.

Her name was revealed in the episode "So Long, Spanky" where D.W. mentioned to her mother that she has a bottle cap collection. She hangs out with the other kids at the preschool and is friends with them including D.W.. She is usually seen in the background of many episodes that center around D.W. and her friends.

Physical appearance[edit]

Amanda is a brown aardvark wearing a white jumper dress over a light blue long-sleeve shirt, and dark gray loafers.

Her hair is in pigtails with light blue scrunchies and her hair color is also brown. For formal events she wears a tan-and-red dress and tanned Mary Jane shoes.

In later episodes, her skin is much more tan, and her snout irregularly elongated. She wears a blue jumper dress over a light gray shirt, light gray pantyhose, pink scrunchies and purple Mary Jane shoes now. The two straps on the jumper dress are pegged to the front by two buttons.



  • Amanda first spoke in the episode "Bleep".
  • Amanda would be heard in "D.W., Bossy Boots" during D.W.'s past. She would be heard speaking twice in both "All About D.W." and "Blockheads". For both of those episodes Amanda even had a voice actor that was credited. This is so far the first time in the whole series this has ever happened for a regularly reoccurring minor character. Those two episodes also verified this character's name is Amanda.
  • Amanda's last name was revealed after Tommy said her mother's last name in the episode "My Fair Tommy".
  • Amanda looks a little similar to Vicita Molina (Alberto Molina's younger sister).
  • During the preschool Career Day during "D.W. Aims High", she wore a police cap, which suggests that she may be interested in becoming a police officer.
  • Even though she is a background character, her name has been mentioned several times in the series.


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  1. "What a beautiful dress you're wearing, Mrs. Hulser."Tommy Tibble to Amanda's mother, "My Fair Tommy"
    For proof of the spelling of the name Hulser, see closed captions.