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D.W. and Dr. Whosit

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"D.W. and Dr. Whosit"
D.W. and Dr. Whosit Title Card.png
Season/Series: 23
Number in season: 3b[1]
Original Airdate: United States October 15, 2019[2]
Canada March 20, 2020[3]
Australia February 29, 2020
Written by: Adam Rudman
Storyboard by: Helene Cossette
"The Pea and the Princess"
"George Scraps His Sculpture"
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Egad! The dad is mad

Mr. Read

"D.W. and Dr. Whosit" is the second half of the third episode in the twenty-third season of Arthur.


D.W. is determined to watch a new television show after her parents tell her she's too young to watch.


Watching D.W. make pancakes incorrectly (adding ketchup, egg shells, and too much flour), Arthur imagines a world where everyone could do whatever they wanted at any age. He shows Bud as an accountant, the Tibble twins as surgeons, and Kate as a pilot. As D.W. shows her gross pancakes to Arthur, he asks the viewers, "See what I mean?"

D.W. and Dr. Whosit

Arthur and Buster are shooting hoops in Arthur's driveway while discussing a TV show called Doctor Whosit. As D.W. approaches them, they both make hand gestures and say, "Egad! The doctor has flibbered!" D.W. is confused, and Arthur explains that it is a line from Doctor Whosit, and that she is too young to watch the show.

David and D.W. go for a walk, where D.W. observes both Binky and people at the ice cream store all making the same gestures and saying the same line as Arthur and Buster. When D.W. mentions Doctor Whosit, David says that he should start watching it with Jane. D.W. wants to watch it with her, but David thinks she is too young to watch.

On the playground, Bud tells D.W. that he has heard the Doctor Whosit catchphrase as well, but that it is an "inside joke." Timmy Tibble then shows up, claiming he knows what it means. D.W. pays the Tibbles her muffin as they whisper something in her ears.

In the Read house, Arthur and Buster are at the table drinking green liquid and discussing Doctor Whosit. D.W. tries to talk to them about it, but Arthur and Buster are confused, and D.W. realizes that the Tibbles lied to her.

At night, D.W. hears the television going and gets out of bed. David and Jane are excitedly watching the TV when D.W. tries to watch with them. David pauses the TV and takes her back to bed, explaining that she can watch when she's older. D.W. then overhears David say that he has been recording the show.

The next morning, D.W. tries to watch Doctor Whosit, but a lock screen shows up on the TV instead. She wakes up Arthur, and he explains that their parents have enabled parental controls to prevent her from watching the show.

Jane notices the parental controls block on the TV. D.W. then tries to play a game where she guesses her "favorite four-letter word." Jane can tell that D.W. is after the password and declines.

D.W. spies on David using his computer and finds out that all of the family passwords are written down in a book. In the garden, she asks Bud for help on a sneaky mission to watch Doctor Whosit.

In the hallway, Bud complains that he is so hungry. David offers to make Bud a snack and Bud offers to help. Meanwhile, D.W. sneaks into the living room and takes the book. In the kitchen, David and Bud make guacamole and add pomegranate. In the living room, D.W. finds the TV password: R-E-A-D.

Bud then spills the pomegranate seeds, and he and D.W. run into the living room to watch Doctor Whosit. However, as they watch the show, they start to find it boring. When David catches them, Bud runs off and D.W. is caught.

At the dinner table, David is still angry over what D.W. did and punishes her with no TV for a week, explaining that they put the parental controls on for her safety. D.W. apologizes, and Arthur points out that "sometimes you have to wait until you're older to do certain things." David then thinks that Arthur is too young for Doctor Whosit, and D.W. cheers.



  • This is the last Arthur episode to premiere in the 2010s decade.
  • Karma: D.W. watched Dr. Whoosit, so she got punished with no T.V. for a week.
  • Irony: Arthur could have not said anything if he wanted to watch Dr. Whoosit.
  • Moral: Kids shouldn't watch horror movies.
  • 4th wall breaks:
    • Dr. Whoosit has D.W.s Initials.
    • A page from the Reads' password book is seen. One password, "Ar1976", could be a reference to the original publication date of the first Arthur book in 1976. Another password is "BoSTOn", which is a reference to Boston, Massachusetts, where the producer of the Arthur TV series is located.

Episode connections[edit]

  • D.W. gets grounded with no TV for a week. Arthur received the same punishment after punching D.W. in "Arthur's Big Hit."
  • The kids also have to not watch TV for a week in Arthur's TV-Free Week.
  • Arthur previously parodied Doctor Who in the episode "Carried Away."


  • In the title card, when the title is said, the closed captioning shows that Buster said it, but it's actually Binky who said it.
  • When Arthur and Buster are in the kitchen talking to D.W., part of Buster's shirt collar (with the buttons) disappears in a couple of scenes, and then reappears.
  • When Bud and D.W. are on the living room couch watching Doctor Whosit, D.W. is shown to not have her shoes on. After Mr. Read says "Egad! The dad is mad!", D.W.'s shoes then appear on her feet. There would not be enough time between scene changes for this to actually occur.


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