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Brain's Brain

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"Brain's Brain"

Brain's Brain 121.png


Season/Series: 19 (US)
Number in season: 1A[1]
Original Airdate: United States January 18, 2016[1][2]
United Kingdom June 4, 2015[3]
Australia April 29, 2015[4]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Rich Vanatte
"Shelter from the Storm"
"Brain Sees Stars"
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"Brain's Brain" is the first half of the first episode in the nineteenth season of Arthur.


Brain, D.W and Bud journey into Brain's brain.[1]


Arthur states that this episode is all about the brain. Brain opens a closet door and says, "Welcome to my show." Arthur says "Not that brain, this brain!" while pointing to a model of a brain. He and Buster explain that the brain is made of tiny cells called neurons. Arthur says, "It's amazing how much the brain can remember." Buster responds, "Hey, speaking of memory, you owe me 50 cents for that vanilla yogurt I bought you yesterday." Arthur says that it was only 25 cents and it was blueberry yogurt, but they choose to talk about it later. Arthur and Buster ask if you noticed the five strange objects that just appeared in Buster's room during that conversation, and challenge you to remember to them until the end of the episode.

Brain's Brain

Brain is seen boiling eggs, mixing chemicals, painting the eggs, and then laughing maniacally. He goes outside to hide the eggs for his egg hunt, but his mom stops him, because it's late at night, and sends him to bed.

In the morning, Brain wakes up 45 minutes before the egg hunt. He panics and hides all of the eggs before the kids come to his house.

Arthur, D.W., Bud, and Emily are walking to Brain's house to participate in his egg hunt. D.W. and Emily talk about how great Brain's hiding spots are. Bud claims that he's the best finder in the world, and D.W. makes a bet that she'll give him two paperclips and a marker that smells like strawberry if he gets the most eggs.

Brain announces that the theme of the egg hunt is "Great Men and Women of Science." Each egg has the name of a famous scientist on it. Whoever gets the most eggs wins a prize. The egg hunt begins, and D.W. and Bud compete. At the end of the egg hunt, Vicita has found three eggs, Timmy and Tommy Tibble end up with a bunch of rocks, and D.W. and Bud tie with seven eggs each. Brain reveals that there is one egg left on his checklist, although he can't remember where he put it.

Brain goes into his room, sits down, and retraces his steps. In his imagination, he remembers where he put the eggs. However, he falls through a hole and lands on a brain. Brain notices a "You are here" sign, with the arrow pointing to his head. He hears D.W. and Bud trying to dig into his brain with a shovel and pickax and tries to stop them. All three of them end up falling into a chasm and end up in an area of Brain's brain.

They see a Hippo at a desk, and D.W. suggests that they ask her where the egg is, and where they are. The hippo explains that Brain, D.W., and Bud are in the hippocampus area. When D.W. asks about the egg, she responds that, in order to retrieve memories, they must go through different parts of the brain. She gets them a tour guide—a Czech bat named Pavel—to help them find the egg.

Pavel, Brain, D.W., and Bud's first stop is the brain stem. Pavel explains that it controls things like heartbeats, and eye and face movements. Bud starts pressing buttons on a control panel, causing Brain's face to move.

The next stop is the frontal lobe, which is controlled by a bunch of smaller versions of Brain. Two of the Brains argue over whether or not Brain should eat a cookie or wait until after dinner. The real Brain resolves the fight by making them give him the cookie.

The final stop is the temporal lobe, which is where the memories are. Long-term memories are portrayed by paintings. D.W. notices an unfinished painting of Brain holding a basket of eggs, and manually starts painting it to finish it. Pavel warns them that they shouldn't mess with memories from today.

Brain wakes up to see D.W. and Bud in his room, going through his stuff and looking for the egg. Brain apologizes for not being able to remember where the egg was, and just recalls "some crazy dream with a Czech bat." He realizes that his brain was trying to tell him to check the bat house. He reaches inside and pulls out the egg. D.W. and Bud are upset that it's still a tie. Brain says that they can share the prize: a two-volume set of books on Issac Newton.

Arthur and Buster reappear, saying, "Hey, welcome back! Did you remember the five strange objects? They were a flying banana, a sombrero, a chicken, a rake, and an umbrella." Brain asks, "How many did you get right?" The episode finishes with Arthur saying, "Aren't brains amazing? Both kinds!"



  • Emily found two eggs, Vicita found three eggs, and D.W. and Bud each found seven eggs.
  • In the frontal lobe, Brain resolves a dispute over whether or not he should have a cookie. At the end of the episode, he is seen eating a cookie.

Cultural references[edit]

Episode connections[edit]

  • When Brain, Bud, and D.W are looking through Brain's memories, a scene of Brain's story from "The Contest" is shown. However, it has different coloring than it did when it appeared in the original episode. Brain also mentions the events of "Friday the 13th."


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