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Emily Leduc

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Emily Leduc

Emily s9.png

Emily 1990s.png

Age 4 (s1-s2, s4-s9, s11-present)[1][2]
5 (s3, s10)[3][4]
Grade Preschool
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Birthday Recently before Compson v. Tibble[5]
The second day of "D.W., Bossy Boots" (summer?)[6]
Eye color Blue (books only)[7]
Hair color Blonde
Complexion Cream
Favorite color Pink[8]
Residence Emily's house, Elwood City
Family Emily's mother
Emily's father
Emily's grandmother

Book debut D.W. Flips!
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voiced by Vanessa Lengies (seasons 1-7)
Sally Taylor Isherwood (season 8-present)
Saige Ann Estigoy ("D.W. The Picky Eater")

Emily is a young girl who is D.W.'s best friend and fellow preschooler.

Physical appearance[edit]

Emily is a rabbit with blonde hair (at Francine's length). She always wears a blue short-sleeved dress with a white collar that has turquoise flowers with black shoes, and is fairly tall for her age. In episodes before Season 5 she was shown with a red collared dress with white flowers, short hair, and a bow in her hair. In Season 5/6, her character design was changed to longer hair, her dress was changed to blue with turquoise floral print. Her footwear is blue Mary Jane type shoes and long white socks up to her shin.

In the book D.W., the Picky Eater, Emily has white hair and wears an orange shirt with polka dots and green shorts.


Emily is typically polite and kind, but sometimes she can be a bit hypocritical in conversations. She's interested in gymnastics, as she met her best friend D.W. at gymnastics class.[9] D.W. tends to be jealous when Emily outshines her in various activities.[10]

However, her usual generous personality drastically changed when she was babysat by Binky Barnes in "The Good, the Bad, and the Binky". Because of him, she was having a short interest in professional wrestling and being a big bully to her preschool classmates.

She's of French ethnicity, due to how she addresses her family, such as her grandmother, whom she calls "grand-mère" and mother, whom she calls "maman", and often she uses French vocabulary when in conversation, at least when she can. She also has a French nanny, Renee ("D.W. Flips") and Marie-Hélène (other episodes), and shows various interests in French culture, and even once visited France.[11]





  • "I got a piece of block. But Amanda got to them first."
  • "D.W., are you in here??"
  • "I say that D.W. weren't like a tower. I just wanna visit Mary Moo Cow' Farmland."
  • "The piece of the block is called a rhombus. I call it Katy, you must stop Katy. Fast!"
  • "Well, a book was like Hopalong the Frog."
  • "Beats me."
  • "D.W, not everything."


  • The place Emily wants to visit the most is Mary Moo Cow's Magic Farmland.
  • Emily wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.[12]
  • So far, Emily's last name hasn't been revealed. In "D.W. Swims with the Fishes", Buster mentions he doesn't know Emily's last name. In the same episode, there is a brief scene in which she has her old hairstyle.
  • In "Read and Flumberghast", she celebrates her birthday in flashback that takes place a day ago, in the flashback she has a cupcake with four candles on it, suggesting she was turning 4.
  • Emily's father is a monkey and her mother is a rabbit, meaning she is biracial. Although, it is also possible her mother was divorced and remarried.


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