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Season 2

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This article is about Season 2 of Arthur. You may be looking for Season 2 of Postcards from Buster.

Season 2 of Arthur premiered in the United States on October 20, 1997[1][2] on PBS.

It was released to DVD in Europe only, like season 1.


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
2x01a.png "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers" 31 1a October 20, 1997
Mister Rogers is visiting Mr. Ratburn's class and staying at Arthur's house. Arthur is afraid of telling anyone the latter because he doesn't want to be called a baby. It's not so bad when they find out.
2x01b.png "Draw!" 31 1b October 20, 1997
When Francine makes fun of Fern, she draws a comic humiliating her, which everyone finds amusing. Other comics about her are drawn. During the school carnival, those teasing her are convinced by Mrs. MacGrady to dump green slime on her. As they prepare to do so, they realize how much they hurt her feelings.
2x02a.png "Binky Barnes, Art Expert" 32 2a October 21, 1997
Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art report, but they believe he will make them do all the work. He wants to do it on an abstract painting he believes is hanging sideways. To avoid embarrassment, Arthur and Buster make an agreement with him to do separate reports. Ironically, he is the only one who does any of the work and turns out to be correct.
2x02b.png "Arthur's Lucky Pencil" 32 2b October 21, 1997
Arthur's luck begins to change after he finds a pencil right before the stop of a rainstorm. After several lucky breaks, he and his friends are convinced that it is lucky. As it gets shorter, he is more conservative with it. Even with an upcoming history test, he won't let anyone use it, not even himself.
2x03a.png "D.W., the Picky Eater" 33 3a October 22, 1997
D.W.'s reluctance to eat unfamiliar food will keep the whole family from celebrating Grandma Thora's birthday at a special restaurant unless Arthur can persuade her to be more open-minded.
2x03b.png "Buster and the Daredevils" 33 3b October 22, 1997
Buster begins keeping bad company in his eagerness to learn his new "friends'" skating tricks. Arthur realizes that they are just having Buster make a fool of himself for their own amusement.
2x04a.png "Arthur Makes a Movie" 34 4a October 23, 1997
Arthur and his friends are too young to watch a James Hound movie. They instead decide to make their own movie. Although it doesn't come out as planned, they have fun filming it.
2x04b.png "Go to Your Room, D.W." 34 4b October 23, 1997
D.W. doesn't get along well with Kate and is sent to her room for ten minutes after threatening to pinch her. She thinks that her parents only love Arthur and Kate. While she watches Kate for the rest of her punishment, she realizes that she has been a horrible sister.
Arthur's underwear.png "Arthur's Underwear" 35 5a October 24, 1997
Binky rips his pants in class, revealing his underwear. Arthur can't stop laughing every time he thinks of it, but he's getting nightmares in which he doesn't have any pants. He tells Buster about this, who tells everyone else, which embarrasses him. Inevitably, he does rip his pants and has to deal with it.
2x05b.png "Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider" 35 5b October 24, 1997
Francine goes for horseback riding lessons and her sister, Catherine, has to bring her there. Catherine is better than Francine! Feeling over shadowed by Catherine, Francine considers quitting but returns and remembers why she wanted to take horseback riding in the first place.
2x06a.png "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver" 36 6a October 27, 1997
Buster gets a cat down from a tree with his ice cream and his mother publishes a story on it. When people start calling him a hero, this goes to his head and he starts acting important and retells the story with embellished details. Arthur, Francine, and the Brain make a fool out of him to humble him, but he ends up saving Arthur and Francine from a runaway piano.
2x06b.png "Play it Again, D.W." 36 6b October 27, 1997
D.W. is still playing her "Crazy Bus" CD (since "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver") and Arthur is already annoyed by it. She surprises him with four tickets to "Crazy Bus Live". He is embarrassed to be there but finds Buster enjoying the show. When the CD goes missing, she accuses him of taking it, but their parents have done so by mistake.
2x07a.png "Arthur's TV-Free Week" 37 7a October 28, 1997
Arthur and his friends are participating in TV-Free Week. His family also goes without TV in support of the idea. Everyone tries to resist the temptation of TV while they go through their week.
2x07b.png "Night Fright" 37 7b October 28, 1997
Binky has a night light. He tries to go without it when Arthur has to spend the night because his parents are stuck out of town. When Arthur finds out about it, he believes Arthur may use this against him, although Arthur isn't particularly interested. Even so, he eventually musters the courage to tell everyone before Arthur does.
2x08a.png "Arthur vs. the Piano" 38 8a October 29, 1997
The school band has a recital on Friday. Everyone except Arthur is worried and practicing. He is confident that he knows everything well enough until a nightmare makes him worry he may miss a note. In a subplot, D.W. has hiccups that won't go away.
2x08b.png "The Big Blow-Up" 38 8b October 29, 1997
Francine and the Brain have an argument over soccer practice that carries into class and through the next match. They may not make it to the playoffs if the argument continues. Arthur uses D.W.'s idea of writing an early letter to Santa to resolve things between them with fake apology letters.
Lost! 001 Arthur Crying.png "Lost!" 39 9a October 30, 1997
After school, Arthur is supposed to take the bus to the public pool for his swimming lesson, but he falls asleep and misses his stop. Then he ends up at the edge of town but luckily, the bus driver helps him find his way home.
2x09b.png "The Short, Quick Summer" 39 9b October 30, 1997
Arthur has a to-do list for the summer, but he can't find it and summer's nearly over. He finds out everyone else had a great summer. He finds his list and D.W. accidentally helps him realize that he did all the things on it and had a great time too.
D.W. goes to washington.jpg "D.W. Goes to Washington" 40 10a October 31, 1997
The Reads go to Washington D.C. for a holiday vacation. They tour the popular landmarks and at the White House, D.W. separates from the tour group and meets The President.
Arthur's Mysetery Envelope.jpg "Arthur's Mystery Envelope" 40 10b October 31, 1997
Mr. Haney gives Arthur an envelope to give to his mom. He is worried about its contents, thinking that it's about him, so he comes up with a way of giving it to her without her opening it. It turns out to contain Mr. Haney's tax documents.
D.W.'s Deer Friend.png "D.W.'s Deer Friend" 41 11a April 6, 1998
When the Reads goes camping, D.W. befriends a deer. She names him Walter and wants to take him home.
Buster Hits the Books.jpg "Buster Hits the Books" 41 11b April 6, 1998
Buster needs to write a book report, but he has never finished a book. His friends try to find one he can finish.
Arthur's Faraway Friend.JPG "Arthur's Faraway Friend" 42 12a April 7, 1998
Arthur and Buster start writing their own adventure book based on Buster's book choice from "Buster Hits the Books", but he is leaving for a couple of months.
Arthur and the Square Dance.png "Arthur and the Square Dance" 42 12b April 7, 1998
Arthur's and Francine's friends think that they are in love, leading both of them to think the other is in love. They avoid each other afraid of getting "cooties" and finally solve the problem.
Water and the Brain.png "Water and the Brain" 43 13a April 8, 1998
Muffy is throwing a party at Waterworld and everyone is excited except the Brain. Arthur and Binky discover that he is afraid of water and try to help him get over this fear so he can go to the party.
Arthur the Unfunny.png "Arthur the Unfunny" 43 13b April 8, 1998
In a letter to Buster, Arthur tells him about how he was determined to be too hopelessly unfunny to be a clown and how he discovered he can be funny playing the piano.
Sue Ellen Lost Diary.png "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary" 44 14a April 9, 1998
Sue Ellen loses her diary in the library. Muffy, Francine, Binky, and Arthur find it, wondering what's inside and whether to open it or return it unread.
Arthur's Knee main image.png "Arthur's Knee" 44 14b April 9, 1998
Arthur accidentally hurts his knee at the dump while retrieving a wheel to fix his school project. He hides the injury and makes D.W. promise not to tell anyone because he was told not to go there.
Grandma Thora Appreciation Day.jpg "Grandma Thora Appreciation Day" 45 15a April 10, 1998
Arthur and D.W. are planning a surprise party to show their appreciation for Grandma Thora. She unexpectedly shows up early when her car breaks down and they must finish their last minute preparations without her noticing.
Fern's Slumber Party.jpg "Fern's Slumber Party" 45 15b April 10, 1998
Fern's mother wants her to invite some girls over for a slumber party to which she reluctantly agrees. Everyone thinks she is boring and bring their own entertainment, but she later manages to impress them with her detective skills.
Love Notes for Muffy.JPG "Love Notes for Muffy" 46 16a April 13, 1998
The Brain and Francine use fake love notes to get revenge against Muffy after she puts them down at the science fair. Their joke has unintended consequences and they must fix it before things get worse.
D.W. blows the whistle.jpg "D.W. Blows the Whistle" 46 16b April 13, 1998
D.W.'s overzealous safety patrolling and whistle blowing is annoying everyone. Arthur and his friends worry she may ruin the upcoming soapbox derby. During it, she finds herself in an unsafe situation when she is stuck at the top of a large pine tree after she climbs it to get a better view.
Francine Redecorates.png "Francine Redecorates" 47 17a April 14, 1998
Francine and her older sister, Catherine, share a room and can't stand each other's tastes in decor, so Catherine moves out. Francine finds her room to be empty without her sister in it.
ARTHUR LOSES.jpg "Arthur the Loser" 47 17b April 14, 1998
Arthur keeps losing at the new "No Guessing!" board game and other things as well, so he starts cheating to win. His friends are annoyed by his "sore winner" attitude and use Binky to make him lose, because Binky has no qualms about cheating.
Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard.jpg "Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard" 48 18a April 15, 1998
Arthur and the Brain are afraid of the new crossing guard who charges them $10 per trip and will send his goons after them if they don't pay. They try to figure out ways to circumvent crossing the intersection before they realize his true intent.
D.W. Very Bad Mood.png "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood" 48 18b April 15, 1998
Arthur and Francine try to find out why D.W. has been in a bad mood for days.
D.W.'s Name Game.jpg "D.W.'s Name Game" 49 19a April 16, 1998
Arthur and D.W. use a thesaurus to aid in calling each other names until he calls her "Dora Winifred" and she is upset. She later has a strange dream with him, Walter (from "D.W.'s Deer Friend"), and the Thesaurus.
Finders Key-pers.png "Finders Key-pers" 49 19b April 16, 1998
Arthur, Binky, and the Brain find a key in the grass while looking for a baseball. They each think it's for something they would like and argue over who gets to keep it before they find out what its real use is.
How the Cookie Crumbles.JPG "How the Cookie Crumbles" 50 20a April 17, 1998
Muffy is having trouble coming up with a recipe so her friends make a joke one, which turns out to taste good and she takes all the credit.
Sue Ellen's Little Sister.png "Sue Ellen's Little Sister" 50 20b April 17, 1998
Sue Ellen feels lonely not having a sibling, so she opts for one of her friends, but they each have their flaws.


  • This season is notable for Buster leaving on a vacation with his dad midway through the season and, with the exception of a few cameos, not returning until the premiere episode of the next season. The reason for his extended absence remains unknown.
  • In the latter half of this season, possibly in an attempt to conceal Buster's absence, there were more episodes that focused on characters other than Arthur and his family, such as Francine, Sue Ellen, and, most notably, Fern.