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Aunt Loretta.png
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark

Hair color Orange (s1)
Brown (110401)
Blonde (110502)
Complexion Tan (s1)
Cream (110401)
White (110502)

Family Bud (husband)
Monique (daughter)
Ricky (son)
Loretta's daughter (daughter)
Thora Read (mother or mother-in-law)
Sean (brother or brother-in-law)
Bonnie (sister or sister-in-law)
George (nephew)
David Read (brother or brother-in-law)
Jane Read (sister-in-law)
Arthur Read (nephew)
D.W. Read (niece)
Kate Read (niece)
David's brother (brother or brother-in-law)

Book debut Arthur's Nose
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe"

Loretta is Arthur, D.W., and Kate's aunt. She is the wife of Uncle Bud and is the mother of three children: Monique, Ricky, and an unnamed girl.

At the reunion, she used a three-bladed spatula with a red button on the grip known as the Flip'omatic to flip multiple hamburgers on the grill at the same time, but the setting was set too high and the burgers went flying. Jane doesn't seem to like Loretta suggesting she use the appliances she buys her.

Physical appearance[edit]

Loretta is an aardvark who has a tan complexion and long wavy orange hair with bangs, and wears a green shirt with white loops, olive green caprice, a pair of gray bracelets, and tan slip-on shoes.

In the episode "Phony Fern", her appearance has changed. Her complexion has turned from tanned to cream, her hair color has turned brown, and she wears a red shirt and has pink bracelets. In "Strangers on a Train," her appearance changes a third time, where she has a white skin complexion and blonde hair.