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Loretta's daughter

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"Loretta's daughter" is not an official name.
Loretta's daughter

Loretta's daughter.png

Unknown Female Aardvark 6.JPG

Loretta's daughter s10.jpg

Loretta's daughter s12.jpg

Gender Female
Animal Aardvark

Hair color Red (s1)
Brown (s10)
Blonde (s10)
Orange (s12)
Complexion Pink (s1)
Cream (s10, s12)
White (s10)

Family Bud (father)
Loretta (mother)
Monique (sister)
Ricky (brother)
Thora's father (great-grandfather)
Thora's mother (great-grandmother)
Thora's Brother 1 (great-uncle)
Thora's Brother 2 (great-uncle)
Thora's Brother 3 (great-uncle)
Thora Read (grandmother)
Sean (uncle)
Bonnie (aunt)
George (cousin)
David Read (uncle)
Jane Read (aunt)
Arthur Read (cousin)
D.W. Read (cousin)
Kate Read (cousin)
David's brother (uncle)

Book debut Arthur's Eyes
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe"

Loretta's daughter is an unnamed character who made her first appearance in the episode Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe. She is the daughter of Loretta and Bud.

She appeared in the episode Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe, and is the cousin of Arthur, D.W. and Kate. While never actually speaking in the episode, she is heard laughing with her brother Ricky.

Just like her brother, she appears to like basketball and even tries to play. Other than that, not much is known about her. She made another appearance in the Postcards from Buster episode Coming Together where she was most likely with her brother, Ricky, in Seattle, Washington.

She appeared once again in the episode D.W., Bossy Boots, where she attended Emily's birthday party.

Physical appearance[edit]

Loretta's daughter is an aardvark with a tan complexion who wore a cream colored shirt, a pink vest over her shirt, blue jeans, and blue and white sneakers. She also had brown hair wrapped in a ponytail.

In the Postcards From Buster episode "Coming Together" she wore long blue pants, a light blue shirt, a dark blue vest over her light blue shirt, and blue sneakers. She has long blonde hair wrapped in a ponytail. She also had a cream complexion.

In the episode "D.W., Bossy Boots" her appearance changed slightly. She wore long red pants, a green shirt, a pink vest, and green and white sneakers. Her hair color was still blonde.


  • Loretta's daughter appeared throughout Emily's birthday party in the episode D.W., Bossy Boots, but strangely D.W. nor her mother ever acknowledges the fact that her cousin is at the party.
    • Strangely, Loretta's daughter knows Emily. In her previous appearance, D.W. nor anyone else mentioned Emily at all, although D.W. didn't become friends with Emily until after the episode Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe.
  • She's had numerous changes in skin complexion and clothes after her first appearance.
  • There is a chance she and her family could be living or visiting Seattle, Washington during the Postcards From Buster episode "Coming Together". She and Ricky were seen together in that episode.



Postcards from Buster[edit]