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George (cousin)

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This article is about Arthur's cousin. You may be looking for George Lundgren.
George (cousin)
Cousin George.png
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark

Residence Ohio
Family Sean (father)
Bonnie (mother)
Thora's father (great-grandfather)
Thora's mother (great-grandmother)
Thora's Brother 1 (great-uncle)
Thora's Brother 2 (great-uncle)
Thora's Brother 3 (great-uncle)
Thora Read (grandmother)
Bud (uncle)
Loretta (aunt)
Monique (cousin)
Ricky (cousin)
David Read (uncle)
Jane Read (aunt)
Arthur Read (cousin)
D.W. Read (cousin)
Kate Read (cousin)
David's brother (uncle)

Book debut Arthur's Birthday
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe"

George is Arthur, D.W. and Kate's cousin from Ohio. He is the son of Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Sean.


He attended the Read Family Reunion and tried to show Arthur his comic collection, but before Arthur could look his other cousin Mo appeared and he ran away because he thought she wanted to make fun of him so Cousin George winded up showing Cousin Mo the rest of his comic collection. "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe"

He gave Arthur his birthday present and asked Arthur to guess what it was but instead he spoiled the surprise by telling Arthur that it's a chemistry set. "Arthur's Birthday"


He is an aardvark that has buck teeth just Like Muffy in Season 1.