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Laverne Frensky

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Laverne Frensky
Laverne s10.png
Gender Female
Animal Monkey

Hair color Brown

Family Oliver Frensky (husband)
Catherine Frensky (older daughter)
Francine Frensky (younger daughter)
Bubby (mother)
Joshua Redman (second cousin twice removed)
Bubby's husband (father)
Grandpa Frensky (father-in-law)
Seth (nephew)
Seth's father (brother or brother-in-law)
Seth's mother (sister or sister-in-law)
Francine's cousin
Vingo Frensky (great grandfather-in-law)

Cartoon debut "Francine's Bad Hair Day" (voice)
"Locked in the Library!"

Laverne Frensky[1] is the mother of Francine and Catherine Frensky and the wife of Oliver Frensky. It was revealed in Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider that she does work but it has never been revealed what her job is. She enjoys bowling, and averages 188.[2] She was first mentioned in "Francine's Bad Hair Day" only as a voice, but made her first on-screen appearance with her husband Oliver in "Locked in the Library!"


Laverne Frensky is a monkey who is depicted with a brown complexion and light brown hair that is very similar to Francine's, but with bangs and without barrettes. She wears a yellow shirt over a white one, orange pants, and red shoes.



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