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Joe Fallon

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Joe Fallon (sometimes credited for music as Joe "Toolbox" Fallon) is a former writer for Arthur. He was the program's head writer from Season 1 to Season 4. He wrote and performed D.W.'s favorite song, "Crazy Bus", and most of the other songs seen in the show.

After his departure from the program, Fallon went on to write for a number of other popular programs airing on PBS Kids, including Between the Lions, Curious George and Martha Speaks. Some of his other writing credits include Doug, Peep and the Big Wide World and Ultimate Spider-Man.

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  • Despite the rumors, him leaving the show had NOTHING to do with the Cinar Tax Scandal and was in fact a year before the investigation.[2] Arthur was not affected by the scandal at all because it was publicly known to be a Canadian-American co-production.

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