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Imaginary friend

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An imaginary friend is an imaginary being that children often create. Nadine described D.W. as her "real friend."[1] Within the series, they are depicted as beings that manifest from the imagination of young children. While they do physically exist (as opposed to simply being products of their creator's imagination), only certain individuals are able to see them.

Imaginary friend Real friend
Rapty Bud Compson
Billy Snailgoat Buster Baxter
Pudding Pal
Snooter D.W. Read
Nadine Flumberghast
Squinty Magee Francine Frensky
Platy Ladonna Compson
Waldo Muffy Crosswire
Uncle Wormy Timmy Tibble
Tommy Tibble
Treenie Vicita Molina
Maxine W.D. Merkles