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Arthur's great-uncle

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"Arthur's great-uncle" is not an official name.
Arthur's great-uncle
Great-uncle Read.png
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark

Family Thora Read (sister-in-law)
David Read (nephew)
Arthur Read (great-nephew)
D.W. Read (great-niece)
Kate Read (great-niece)
Thora's brother 1 (brother-in-law)
Thora's brother 2 (brother-in-law)
Thora's brother 3 (brother-in-law)
Loretta (niece)
Bud (nephew)
Ricky (great-nephew)
Monique (great-niece)
Loretta's daughter (great-niece)
David's brother (nephew)
Bonnie (niece)
Sean (nephew)
George (great-nephew)
Job Owner of a cheese shop

Arthur's great-uncle is the owner a cheese shop. Arthur learns about him and two other uncles while researching about his family for a class project.