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Emily's mother

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"Emily's mother" is not an official name.
Emily's mother
Emily's Mom.png
Emily's mother in "Double Tibble Trouble"
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit

Hair color Blonde
Complexion Cream

Residence Emily's house, Elwood City
Family Emily's father (husband)
Emily (daughter)
Unnamed mother or mother-in-law

Book debut D.W. Flips!
Cartoon debut D.W. Gets Lost

Emily's mother is Emily's unnamed mother and the wife of Emily's unnamed father. She first appeared in the first D.W. book D.W. Flips that was first published in 1987.


Emily's mother is rarely seen in the series, unlike her daughter, Emily. She seems to be nice, but not much is known about her because Marie-Hélène mostly takes care of Emily.

TV History[edit]

She first made her TV debut in D.W. Gets Lost with her daughter Emily. In Double Tibble Trouble, she was seen waving goodbye to Emily and D.W.. She made her first cameo in Just Desserts. She was seen with the other parents in My Fair Tommy. In Emily Swallows a Horse, Emily seeks her help after telling lies in preschool. In The Good, the Bad, and the Binky, she scolded Emily for playing rough with James. She made a second cameo in The Butler Did... What?



"Someone smeared paint on the blackboard!"
– Emily's mother, "My Fair Tommy"