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Sick as a Dog/Transcript

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In Arthur's room[edit]

Arthur: Good boy! Now, what does a worm do?

(Pal rolls around on the floor)

Arthur: (to the audience) Pal hasn't been my dog for long, but he's learned a lot from me already. He learned that he shouldn't slip out of his collar during a walk.

(Pal runs off)

Arthur: No, Pal! Heel, heel! Stop! Sit! Stay! Wait! (gasps)

Guard dog: (barking and growling)

Arthur: I TOLD YOU TO HEEL!!!!! (voice-over) And he learned that Dad's garden hose isn't a chew toy.

In the backyard[edit]

Arthur: No, Pal, no! Look at all the teeth holes. Don't worry. I've fixed it so Dad will never notice anything's wrong.

(His dad turns on the water, which comes out of the little holes and sprays him in the face)

Dad: (yells) Arthur!

Arthur: Wanna go for a walk, boy?

Title Card[edit]


Written by: Joe Fallon --- Storyboard by: Jean Charles Fink

Francine Frensky: (V.O.) Sick as a Dog!

(Pal barks)

Arthur: Hi!

In the kitchen[edit]

D.W. Read: Mom, Arthur's feeding pancakes to the dog!

Arthur: Just one little piece!

Mom: (off-screen) Arthur, you know Pal has his own food to eat.

D.W.: (drinks a milk)


  • Arthur: Done with this page?
  • Pal: (barks)
  • Arthur: Want some jellyworms?
  • Pal: (nods yes)
  • Arthur: I can't remember if they're from this Halloween or last year's. (He eats the jellyworm) After you chew for a while, it's a lot easier. (Eats candy) Sorry, Boy. That's all.
  • Dad: Arthur, lunch.


  • Mom: Arthur. What did I tell you about feeding your dog from your plate?
  • Arthur: I wasn't.
  • D.W.: Want to hear a good joke? Knock-Knock. Hey. The dog stole my wiener. The dog stole my wiener.
  • Dad: Arthur. Tell Pal to let go.
  • Arthur: Pal. Let go.
  • D.W.: It's mine. It's mine.
  • Arthur: Pal, Sit. Heel. Stay. Lie down. Roll over.
  • D.W.: Give it back. I don't need your dog food, do I? I'll never let go. Never. (Pal swallows wiener) Someday I'm gonna teach that dog a lesson and you won't forget.

Arthur's room[edit]

  • Arthur: Surrender now, Bionic bubble brain. Never.
  • Pal: (whimpering)
  • Arthur: Hey, Pal.
  • Pal: (Groaning)
  • Arthur: Mom. Dad. Mom. Dad.

Living room[edit]

  • Arthur: Then he made a noise like a carhorn underwater.
  • Pal: (Groaning)
  • Arthur: That's it. See?
  • Dad: Let him rest, and if he doesn't feel better, we'll take him to the vet.