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Formerly a secondary account of Mariodogmanfan11 before being a main account.

I am a fan of Big City Greens, The Loud House , Mario, Dog Man, Arthur ,Graces World and Spongebob Squarepants.
I also work on Spongebob Wiki and The Wimpy Kid Wiki


Favorite book:

Dog Man



Favorite Arthur episode:

Tipping the Scales

Worst Arthur episode:


Favorite Arthur Character:

Buster Baxter
Maria Pappas
Arthur Read
Fern Walters (season 6-today only)

Worst Arthur Character:

Cousin Cora
D.W. Read (sometimes)


User:Arthurfan67 (even though he is not active)


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My least favorite and Favorite Arthur episodes[edit]

Go to Every Episode I Have Seen Thus far to know my favorite and least favorite episodes.