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WARNING: This account has been retired because the accounts phone wasn't working, if you have any questions ask this user.

Hello my name is mariodogmanfan11

Every time I am on my phone I go to Arthur wiki.

I will retire from the wiki in November 23, 2021


Favorite book:

Dog Man



Favorite Arthur episode:

Tipping the Scales

Worst Arthur episode:


Favorite Arthur Character:

Buster Baxter
Maria Pappas
Arthur Read
Fern Walters (season 6-today only)

Worst Arthur Character:

Cousin Cora
D.W. Read (sometimes)


User:Arthurfan67 (even though he is not active)


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I am a fan of Big City Greens, The loud house , Mario, Dog Man, Arthur ,Graces world and Spongebob.
I also work on Spongebob Wiki

My least favorite Arthur episodes[edit]

1.All episodes where muffy is in : Her buck teeth looks ugly

2.Play it again D.W.:Jerky D.W. because of this She deserved too have her CD sloten.

3.Francine and the feline: Jerky Arthur.

    • Revenge of the chip I hate Jane in this episode She should be ashamed of herself for Embracing D.W. around the world !
Jane the Big mouth

4.Arthur's big hit: JERK D.W. in short I feel no sympathy for D.W. and I am on Arthur's side cause he worked so hard on that plane and he was worried on what D.W. was doing.

  • The Fright Stuff (The Moral:Dont prank people) WHAT?! Why? Pranks are fun! Why do they think pranking is bad Its not Arthur and his friends fault Ed Crosswire is overreacting

5. Nothing

6. Nothing

7. Cast away: D.W. ruined everything.

8. Nothing.

9. Every episode Arthur appears in - his new voice actor is annoying

10. Same as Season 9

11.Germophobia: Muffy and Francine are big jerks in this episode I felt no sympathy for muffy in Muffy's Car Campaign.

12. Never x3 D.W. is annoying is this episode

13. Looking for bonnie,Paradise lost ,the secret origin of supernova etc are really boring.

14.In my Africa - Really boring.

15. Nothing.

16. So funny I forgot to laugh:You hate this one for the same reasons I do so I don't have to explain.

17.Adventures in budylon: it has the most uglist picture.

The most not pleasing title card

18.The pagent pickle: Arthur,D.W. and their mom are at their worst.



21. Invasion of the soccer fans:Do pets never know about modern technology?

22. When rivals came to roost: I just hate this episode.

23. The pea and the princess: Why would Prunella make a silly pea better than princesses?

24. D.W.'s New Best Friend:Why does Bud say "You can't have more than one best friend" You can!

  • Freaky Tuesday:Mr.Ratburn also has to learn that students need to cut some slack too because being a student is harder than being a teacher.


My favorite episodes of each season[edit]


2.Night Fright -the song Arthur made was funny.



5.Sleep no more - I just like this episode

6.Crushed - Same as Sleep no more

7.April 9th - I see why everyone likes it

8.Bleep - Sailor mouth 2 : Arthur edition

9.Tipping the scales- My favorite episode

10.Happy anniversary - A great way for Arthur turning 10 years

11. Nothing

12. Nothing

13. Nothing

14. Nothing

15. Busters Carpool Castrope - I just like this episode.

16. Nothing

17. Nothing

18. Nothing

19. The last day- I just like this episode.

20.Brains Brain - Brain making faces is funny.

21. Francine and the soccer spy - I just like this episode.

22. Mr Ratburn and the special Someone- I can't believe Alabama banned this masterpiece

23. When duty calls- a great season finale

24. The great Macgrady (remake)- I just like this episode