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Rubella Deegan

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Rubella Deegan
Rubella s4.png
Grade 12th grade (implied)[1]
Gender Female
Animal Poodle

Hair color Brown (Arthur Babysits (episode))
Orange (123b - s5)
Red (s6-s15)
Complexion Tan

Residence Prunella's House, Elwood City
Family *Wanda Deegan (mother)

Cartoon debut "Arthur Babysits"

Rubella Deegan is Prunella's older sister. She is very spiritual and obsessed with psychic and paranormal phenomena. She is typically depicted as a mystic, and often talks in a very dramatic tone. She frequently chides Prunella. Rubella was first mentioned during a flashback in "Arthur Babysits," but made her first major appearance in "Misfortune Teller."

Physical appearance[edit]

See: Rubella Deegan/Gallery#Physical appearances for appearances through the series.

Rubella is a poodle who is depicted with a tan complexion and curly orange hair that is longer than Prunella's, and wears a gold earring with an emerald in her right ear, a purple headband, a white blouse with fringes at the end of the sleeves, a black and gray sleeveless jacket with flowers, two pairs of green necklaces, purple bell pants, a belt buckle, and brown sandals and white socks. During a flashback/fantasy in "Arthur Babysits," her hair was shown to be brown; although when she was properly introduced in "Misfortune Teller," her hair was orange and remained in her later appearances.



  • Rubella is another name for the German measles.
  • She babysat for the Tibble Twins only once and she STILL has nightmares about it.


Prunella the Packrat - Rubella bwa-ha-ha-ha.jpg
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  1. In Prunella Packs It In, it is seen that she is applying for a college. 12th grade is the final year of secondary education in the U.S.