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Dr. Jake

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Dr. Jake
Doctor Jay.png
Gender Male
Animal Dog

Hair color Dark yellow
Complexion Light brown

Job Radio DJ, meteorologist

Cartoon debut "Binky Rules"

There's going to be much more snow and you're going to meet a tall, dark stranger.

—Dr. Jake, "The Blizzard"

Dr. Jake is a radio D.J. known for his inaccurate weather predictions.

He thought that Elwood City would not have a blizzard and ice storm in the episode "The Blizzard," but he did correctly predict that a blackout would happen in "The Blackout."

In "Binky Rules" he assigned a work crew to put graffiti saying "Binky Rules" on a brick wall by the school to stir up interest in a new band named Binky. The school janitor, Mr. Morris, accused Binky Barnes of writing it. Dr. Jake told him that it was his fault when he assigned the group to do it, and not to blame Binky.


"Still no power, but they expect to resolve the problem very soon. Till then, keep it tuned to WELP and chill out with Dr. Jake!"
– Dr. Jake, "The Blackout"