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Binky Wrestles with a Story

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"Binky Wrestles with a Story"
Season/Series: 25
Number in season: 1A
Original Airdate: United States February 21, 2022[1]
Canada May 16, 2022 [2]
Written by: Jennifer Gibbs
Storyboard by: Tahir Rana
Helene Cossette
"Freaky Tuesday"
"All Will Be Revealed!"

"Binky Wrestles with a Story" is the first half of the first episode in the twenty-five season of Arthur.


Binky spends the day with Bitzi Baxter and finds out what it is like being a news reporter.


Buster and Arthur have been waiting in line for the new Dark Bunny vs. Bionic Bunny movie forever. To pass the time, they eat raisins and play 20 Questions. Binky comes by and spoils the ending of the movie but tells them they're better off viewing the rest of this episode instead.

Mr. Ratburn announces that tomorrow is Take a Student to Work Day, and has his class draw names out of a hat for people to shadow. Arthur gets to shadow Mrs. Barnes at her job as a nurse and Buster picks Mrs. Hurley the crossing guard. Binky ends up picking Buster's mother, Bitzi, at her job as editor-in-chief of the Elwood City Times. He is skeptical but decides that it will be fine when Francine complains that the job will be wasted on him. Mr. Ratburn instructs them all to give reports once they are finished.

Binky imagines himself as a photographer and reporter as he heads into the building, where he meets Bitzi. She shows him around the office, but he finds the meetings and press conferences he attends boring. After he admits his boredom to Bitzi and Harry Mills, the latter explains that jobs are not always exciting, but he can find ways to make it so for both himself and those around him.

Binky takes Harry's words to heart and joins Bitzi to prepare the headline for tomorrow's paper. The only problem is that the headline isn't interesting. They work together to rewrite the sentence and Binky fantasizes a wrestling match between the sentence and a red pen he was given. The next day, he gives his report and reveals, after 30 minutes of brainstorming, he and Bitzi rewrote the sentence into something much more interesting. He is given a big round of applause after he's finished presenting and Francine concedes that working at the Elwood City Times was perfect for him.



  • This will premiere on president day.
  • 4th Wall Break: When Binky spoils the Dark Bunny vs. Bionic Bunny movie, he tells Arthur and Buster that it's not worth watching and suggests they watch this episode instead, before signaling to the camera to start the show.
  • Timeline: Harry tosses a rubber band ball to Binky. Binky is known to own a rubber band ball in "Desk Wars." Since "Desk Wars" takes place close to the end of the school year, it is possible this is where he first got his rubber band ball.
  • Moral: Dont give people boring stories for your own benefits.

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DVD: Believe in Yourself!