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Big Kid 2

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ProdName.png The name of this article was obtained from production material.

While the name is technically official, a future episode can give the character a new name, which will then become the official name.

Big Kid 2
Big Kid 2.png
Gender Male
Animal Dog

Cartoon debut "The Last Tough Customer"
Voiced by Michael Yarmush

Big Kid #2 is a kid seen around Elwood City.


He and Big Kid 1 teased Molly MacDonald for her hairstyle when Molly was younger.[1] Despite this, Molly joined him and the other bully at a Lakewood Elementary School carnival.[2] He and the other bully also went to the Static Airwaves concert.[3]

Physical appearance[edit]

He wears a black hat, a red sweater, blue pants, and brown shoes.