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Aloysius Zimmerplotz

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Aloysius Zimmerplotz
Aloysius Zimmerplotz.jpg
Gender Male
Animal Cat

Hair color Orange

Cartoon debut "D.W.'s Library Card"

Aloysius Zimmerplotz is a boy whose name is difficult to spell. Tommy Tibble said that Dora Winifred Read is an easy name to spell, when compared to Aloysius Zimmerplotz.

Aloysius borrowed the book Chippy the Choo-Choo from the library.

Physical appearance[edit]

Aloysius is a cat with orange hair and yellow glasses. He has a red shirt and a white undershirt.

He has a resemblance to Beulah McInnerny.


Oh, no. I ran out of room again.

—Aloysius Zimmerplotz, when writing his name, "D.W.'s Library Card"

No! It’s Chippy the Choo-Choo.

—Aloysius Zimmerplotz, when D.W. asks if his book is Hopalong The Frog, "D.W.'s Library Card"

Who’s “anonymous” anyway? Is he that geeky second grader with red hair?

—Binky Barnes, "Don’t Ask Muffy"