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Portia Demwiddy

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Portia Demwiddy
Portia Demwiddy.png
Gender Female
Animal Poodle

Hair color Light blonde

Cartoon debut "Little Miss Meanie"

Portia Demwiddy is a beauty queen who was a contestant in the Little Miss Crocus pageant. She appears as a bratty, callous and self-centered, young lady, who only focuses on being the best out of everyone else. Later, her snobby behavior gets exposed in the beauty pageant.


She first appears during the tour of the pageant stage where she callously tells Muffy and Lydia to drop out of the pageant, citing that they would have the seemingly unfair advantages of being rich and handicapped respectively, though she does it in the politest demeanor possible to try to make herself sound caring. The girls, however, see right through her as the snob and bully that she is and decide to make sure she doesn't win, especially after she attempts to suck up to the judges with a curtsy.

During the talent section of the pageant, Portia is the last contestant to go on, and is able to impress everyone at first with a brilliant ballet routine. However, in the middle of her performance, the spotlight shining on her malfunctions and goes out, much to her dismay.

Upon being told that the malfunction will take awhile to fix, and that she'll have to complete her routine without it, Portia refuses, insisting she needs the spotlight. She then angrily deems the situation unacceptable, demands that someone be fired, and throws a temper tantrum on stage to everyone's shock. The host then closes the curtain on her, and she ends up losing the contest. It is unknown what happens to Portia after that.