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Los Dedos

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Los Dedos
Los Dedos.png
Gender Female
Animal Cat

Hair color Black
Complexion Brown

Cartoon debut "Brain's Chess Mess"

Isabella, or "Los Dedos," (Spanish for "The Fingers") is a local chess master from Mighty Mountain School.


At first she has somewhat of a snobby personality as she is seen calling Brain an amateur after beating him in a game of chess on numerous occasions. She also taps her fingernails, which drives her opponents crazy and is possibly the reason why she is a chess master. After Brain defeats her in another game of chess she gains respect for Brain.

Physical appearance[edit]

Los Dedos is a cat with a brown complexion. She wears a pink shirt with violet stripes and a yellow collar, blue jeans, and purple sneakers. She has dark brown hair wrapped in a ponytail.