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Gender Female
Animal Bear

Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Brown

Residence Carla's house, Crown City

Cartoon debut "Muffy Goes Metropolitan"

Carla is Sue Ellen's former babysitter who resides in Crown City in an apartment building. Muffy, Sue Ellen, and Mr. Armstrong stay with her in "Muffy Goes Metropolitan."


In Sue Ellen's opinion she is cool. She has an exotic accent and knows a lot about her hometown (especially the Crown City Subway) and buys groceries locally (she bought fish from a stand). Along with this she does not get angry easily.


"A super thick cheesesteak, double the peppers, and burn the onions."
– Carla ordering food, Muffy Goes Metropolitan

" You must be Miffy."
– Carla upon meeting Muffy Crosswire for the first time

"The ones with cheese inside are my favorite."

- Carla telling Muffy Crosswire about her favorite pretzels sold in the subway station