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Gender Female
Animal Aardvark

Hair color Brown

Family B.W.'s big brother (brother)
Unnamed parents
Job Secret agent, princess

Cartoon debut "I'd Rather Read It Myself"

Agent B.W. is a secret agent made up by D.W.'s imagination in "I'd Rather Read It Myself."

She is super and can easily do things that D.W. herself struggles to do. B.W. can do a cartwheel on a balance-beam, ride a no-wheeler bicycle, and is not afraid of octopuses. After her big brother and his evil partner stole her snowball, she tried to get it back. She rescued her parents from being spinach-heads, using the combined Ring of Power and the Power Blankie. She was captured by the two villains, but Spanky the Eagle rescued her, by sacrificing himself. Her good friend, the President, held a military funeral for the brave bird.