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3rd Grade Male Rat (Number 2)

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"3rd Grade Male Rat (Number 2)" is not an official name.
3rd Grade Male Rat (Number 2)
3rd Grade Male Rat 2.JPG
Gender Male
Animal Rat

Complexion Brown

Cartoon debut Arthur Makes the Team

3rd Grade Male Rat is a third grader who goes to Mighty Mountain Elementary School.

He and other kids from Mighty Mountain are usually seen competing against Lakewood Elementary School most of the time in a game of soccer.

Physical appearance[edit]

3rd Grade Male Rat is rat with a brown complexion. He wears a white collared shirt with buttons, long blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. He also has whiskers, which only a few rat characters are known to have.

The episode "April 9th" was the only time he was ever seen wearing these clothes every other episode he is wearing his Mighty Mountain uniform. In Home Sweet Home he wore an olive green colored shirt, dark blue shorts, and blue sneakers.

Alternate apparel[edit]



  • This character was seen again in the episode "Home Sweet Home" as he and another student from Mighty Mountain were listening to a story being told by Buster. It is unknown if he became friends with Buster.
  • This character was only seen wearing his regular clothes in the episode April 9.