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Virgule Watteau

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Virgule Watteau

Virgule Watteau in Phony Fern

Virgule Watteau in Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story

Gender Female
Animal Dog
Hair color Brown
Job Detective
Cartoon debut "Phony Fern"
Voiced by Holly G. Frankel

Virgule Watteau is a fictional detective appearing in some of Fern's stories.


Watteau and her partner, Bastings, often foil the schemes of the Baron and the Grey Dove.

Physical appearance[edit]

Like Fern, Virgule Watteau is an anthropomorphic dog with grey fur. She wears a white collared shirt, a purple vest, a grey bow tie, a blue suit jacket, blue trousers, and black shoes. She also carries a cane and a magnifying glass. Despite being a female, she had a brown mustache in her first appearance.


She is a quick thinker, usually disarming her foes by throwing something she finds nearby. Like Poirot, she often speaks of herself in the third person with a heavy French accent. She is also allergic to peanuts.

Behind the scenes[edit]



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