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Tony Wu

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Tony Wu
Tony Wu.png
Gender Male
Animal Rodent

Hair color White

Residence Tony Wu's House, Elwood City
Family Daughter,
Shirley (aunt)
Job Retired movie star

Cartoon debut "Kung Fool"

Tony Wu (also known as "Master Wu" by Fern) is a former professional martial-artist whose career was prominent in the 1960's and 70's. He invented his own martial-arts style called "Laughing Dragon" and starred in many martial-art themed movies. After his career he retired and discontinued his martial arts "career", but despite his retirement he still receives fan-mail.


Early life[edit]

Tony was born and lived most of his early life around Berkeley, California. His Aunt Shirley taught him martial arts. Sometime after he moved to Elwood City. While in Elwood City, he enjoyed playing mini golf. Eventually he became weak because of age, so he retired.


  • Master Wu and the Rebel Monks
  • (Many more)

Time with Fern[edit]

Fern volunteered to help him out for a Jr. Explorer's badge. She found out he is very boring, but when she told Sue Ellen about him she showed Fern one of the movies he starred in titled "Master Wu and the Rebel Monks".

After Fern found this out she treated him like her kung-fu master. However, he took this as a joke and just told her to file out letters from fans. She figured that it was for her training to become a martial artist so she did chores around his house with pleasure. He thought this was a joke, which made Fern disappointed.

So he promised her to teach her a little about his form of martial arts in his living room. Fern didn't understand why she was making him doing simple things like standing up straight and focusing.

Fern suggested that they should go to the park. Tony originally disputed this idea but soon gave in. Three people joined in to learn tai chi.


Tony spends most of his day on a reclining chair watching golf on TV or reading magazines about the sport. He also liked to act and in martial arts movies.